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Your Yahoo Small Business Account

Yahoo small business Account is the right platform to host your business online and put your business out there for customers to see. You can set up your website easily, e-commerce site and advertise your products using the Yahoo platform. Yahoo as a business partner provides tools, support and affordable plans for you to start up your business online. With yahoo analytics, you can monitor the performance of your business and also advertise your product on the platform. Updating and changing your business listing is also quite easy on this platform.

Benefits Of Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo small business provides merchant solutions that make you feel confident about the security of your business and get a 100% support for your business on the website. Yahoo has three plans you can choose from, so you have to choose according to your capability to pay and the kind of quality of services you want. You can create your own store, or you can use yahoo premium templates to make it easier for you to do. All you know is that your business is secure and your customers can shop securely using their credit cards or PayPal.

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You can take advantage of the tools on yahoo small business to enhance your site and set up a professional Looking site. You can get help for your website hosting, e-commerce site hosting, building of your site, advertisement of products and other services pertaining to your online business all in one place.

Yahoo provides highly accessible site building tools. Building a site might be tough. But yahoo business tools and support make it easy. Yahoo small business is easy to use, and the 24 hours customer service makes it even more awesome. So you can ask questions when confused and get directions on how to use yahoo small business platform for your business.

How To Setup Small Business Account

To setup yahoo small business account means you are partnering with Yahoo to help in building, hosting your site and promoting your business. To have your account set up, u need to:

  • Go to the yahoo small business homepage
  • Click on the SIGN IN icon at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Then click the CREATE ACCOUNT link
  • On the sign-up page, you will be redirected to enter your first name and last name
  • Enter your valid email address
  • Then reenter the email address
  • Create a password
  • Follow the RECAPTCHA steps
  • After reading and agreeing to terms of service, mark the checkbox
  • Then click the CREATE ACCOUNT button
  • You will be sent an email to the email address you provided while signing up
  • When you open the email sent to you, click the ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT link on it.
  • Then sign in with your login details

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On the welcome page, your login details will be filled already in the fields, But you have to fill in other fields like;

  • Enter an alternate email address
  • Enter a mobile phone number
  • Mark the checkbox if you agree we may call or text as stated in the terms of service
  • Entering an alternate phone number may not be necessary
  • You have to select two security questions and answer accurately
  • Then choose the type of business or specific option for using their services
  • Then click CONTINUE to complete the process.

How To Login Your Small Business Account

Logging into your account gives you access to your website, you can monitor your website through your account. You will be able to access your store control panel, hosting control panel, Dashboard, stores, Email control panel, and others. So you definitely need your login details to oversee the management and control of your website.

You can log in your account by:

  • First visiting yahoo small business homepage
  • At the top right of the page, tap the sign in page
  • You will be redirected to a login page. You have to enter your Yahoo ID, and password then click the LOGIN button.
  • Then click the Account icon on the top-right of the page, this will display the first letters of your login ID
  • Then click MY SERVICES link to complete the process and gain access to your account

Forgot Your Yahoo Business Password

If your login ID is linked to your email address, it is easy to get back your login password. To do so, you have to first:

  • Visit the Yahoo small business homepage
  • Click the SIGN IN icon
  • On the sign in page, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link
  • On the forgot password page, enter your Login ID
  • Click the I’M NOT A ROBOT button
  • Enter the requested email and images if prompted to do so.
  • Click the RESET PASSWORD button; you will be sent an email to your LOGIN ID(email address) click the link in the email and enter a new password.

If you are having other issues with your account, you can contact Yahoo center for assistance.


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