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Woocommerce login sign up

Woocommerce login Sign up: is the process by which individual gain access to their woocommerce account by identifying themselves. Create your online store and Sell anything from physical items like jewelry, T-shirt etc. And also from digital downloads to subscriptions, appointments and lots more. To partake in the above sales, you must sign into your account, read-on to learn how to access woocommerce platforms.

About woocommerce

Woocommerce is simply an open-source e-commerce platform for WordPress. Thus it’s the most popular way to promote an e-commerce store for prosperous website.

The platform is made for both small and large online merchants using WordPress. Thus it kicked off on September 2011 and was developed by over 350 contributors from around the world.

It offers a modular system, which enables members include the options they want. The good news is that it can also work with your favorite WordPress plugins, for you to keep accessing the features you love already.

Woocommerce Sign in benefits

Sign in to your woocommerce account and enjoy the following benefits,

  • Sign in to enjoy it’s free service
  • Get Professional service
  • Receive regular updates to prevent security issues
  • Get help for outstanding content marketing
  • Enjoy its customization options
  • Keep track of your e-commerce website with the in-built analytics tool

Woocommerce Sign in Steps

Woocommerce now makes use of WordPress accounts. You can merge your existing woo account to start managing your account activities. So to access your account, you will need to login using WordPress.com.

Sign in Steps

  • Visit www.woocommerce.com
  • Direct your cursor to the top of the homepage, then select “log in with WordPress.com” button From the menu
  • On the sign in screen, Navigate to enter your email address or username
  • Hit the purple color “continue” link

Sign in with Google

  • Browse at www.woocommerce.com It directs you to the abode-page
  • From the menu on the top of the screen, select “log in with WordPress.com” button
  • On the next page, navigate downward and tap on “continue with Google” button
  • Select your account to allow Google to share your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with WordPress

Steps to recover your lost sign in password

  • Go to woocommerce Sign in page
  • Move to the left corner of the page, then scroll down and select “lost password” tab it will take you to the recovery page
  • Key in your WordPress username or email address
  • Tap on the “Get new password” link
  • Wait to receive your password recovery details and follow the onscreen procedure to reset your password and gain access to your account.

Get easy analytics, a well organize and free service by signing into your woocommerce account


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