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WhatsApp Facebook Instagram

WhatsApp Facebook Instagram: Talking about instant messaging social media networks, which do you think is actually the best for easy messaging and sharing of photos, videos, and files. Is it WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram?

Some would prefer Facebook because of the newsfeed feature, others prefer Instagram because of the story feature, but if you’d ask me, I’ll say WhatsApp is the best instant messaging social network.

Yes, WhatsApp seems quite boring unlike the Facebook and Instagram app; WhatsApp cannot go through other user’s photo album or even see videos they uploaded. For this reason, WhatsApp introduced the story feature to make the app more interesting and comfortable for every user.

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Whatsapp Messenger App

WhatsApp is also updating its features recently WhatsApp added more fun stickers and emoji to make chatting fun for its users. What’s app has versions which are available for iOS, Android, Windows phones, blackberry, and even some Nokia phones?

The WhatsApp app is very easy to access and faster for instant messaging to friends. The application also enables users to share photos, videos, and best of all instant voice recording.

Facebook Messenger App – WhatsApp Facebook Instagram

Facebook covers a lot of the same ground with iOS, Android, and Windows phone apps. Facebook also redesigned its app into Facebook lite and Facebook messenger. Facebook Lite is the lighter version of Facebook. It works both on cheaper phones and areas with low internet connection.

Whatsapp and Facebook default to your chat list when they launch in your mobile device. Both apps give you instant access to previous conversations.

Facebook and whatsapp apps are simple to navigate; the navigation button is located at the top of the page where you have chat, calls, and camera.

However, Facebook and WhatsApp are primarily connected than the Instagram app.

Instagram App Features

Instagram is owned by Facebook but the worst ideal about this app is that Instagram does not have a chat option that users can see and interact with friends. To chat with friends you have to download insta chat or swipe left to go to the Instagram direct page.

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In the Instagram direct page, Instagram users can send photos, videos, and messages to friends or group of friends. Instagram mainly is concerned with photos and videos, with the main photo stream display, both photos, and videos, you can like, comment, or share photos and videos with friends and other Instagram users.

But come to think of it, these three apps have similar feature; the chat feature, calling feature, and also the image sharing feature. Facebook takes its lead from Instagram with over 300million users, with plenty of amusements.

Whatsapp is the most conservative and convenient when it comes to editing of images? You can apply various filters; add emojis, text on the image.

Quick Comparism WhatsApp Facebook Instagram

To quickly compare the three social networks, WhatsApp is convenient for instant messaging, Instagram is better for sharing of photo and videos, and viewing other people stories. While Facebook is the most appropriate for quick videos and photos that you can have fun with.

Facebook is actually the best because it combines these features to one easy to use the portal. If you were going to have just one social network app on your device, then it should be Facebook.


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