What? Have you been abusing our MacBook?

What? Have you been abusing our MacBook?

Have you ever worked far away on your MacBook Pro when the machine is not just slow and bearable, but the fans are turning on so loud that you were ready to leave the house? It happened to our best – but it turns out that there may be a simple explanation unexpectedly. And it all fits with the way you excuse your MacBook. It may be one of the best laptops for photographic composition, but this little glitch isn’t very hot (well, technically it is).

What? Have you been abusing our MacBook?
According to a user of the frequently asked questions and answers program, their MacBook often grew very slowly, and a task that seemed to use a lot of resources was the “kernel_task,” which regulates the temperature of the machine’s processor. After many experiments, a surprisingly simple solution emerged: “Move left to right to reload.”
It seems that while recharging the MacBook Pro from any direction will cause the harbor to burn a little, it is the left ports that awaken the dreaded kernel_task. They make it burn the fans and also stimulate the performance of the machine, leaving you with a hot MacBook slow. Beautiful. The problem occurs with any MacBook Pro containing USB-C, especially if most of the devices were imported from the left. Moving the charger to the right-hand port should help calm the car down.
If this is not intentional on Apple’s side, we can see the application restructured to stop on the left to activate kernel_task faster than on the right, but until then, it’s better to split the load into both sides. Or you can invest every time on the laptop cooling pad (insert jokes on them to keep it really cold).
And with it, “heat supervision” becomes one of the nasty additions to the list of services that we hope to see in the 2020 MacBook Pro from speculation.


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