Walmart Black Friday 2019 | Walmart Black Friday Deals & Sales Shopping Tips


Walmart Black Friday 2019 Deals & Sales Shopping Tips

Walmart Black Friday 2019: have something up its sleeves for this year’s Black Friday. This year’s Black Friday deals have got some seriously captivating deals which can get you shopping the entire day online.

Walmart Black Friday 2019 Deals & Sales Date

Doors open at 6 p.m. (local time) on Thanksgiving night, and you can shop all day online. Prices are valid all day Friday, while online sale starts Wednesday, November 21 at 10 pm EST.

Walmart Black Friday 2019 Adverts

Note, not every item in the ad is available online. The ads, features an assortment of electronics;

  • New iPhones strong gift card deals
  • The new Sony PS4 1 TB Slim Spider-Man bundle can be gotten for only $199.
  • Get a 40-inch TV for only $99.

Walmart Black Friday 2019 Sales Format

Many of Walmart’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales will be available on their website. This allows for more shopping, and more family time. Note, also that there are other doors breaking deals which will only be available at your local Walmart store, thus it is imperative you identify these items.

Special Promotions

Walmart will be releasing its store map this year, which is a good guide to identifying where all of the most popular products are at your local store.

Walmart Black Friday 2019 Adverts, Deals & Sales Shopping Tips

$35 Free Shipping Minimum: Walmart is poised to keep its current policy in place. You are to spend at least $35 to qualify for free two-day shipping. For orders under $35 at Walmart, it recommended that you shop around first because high shipping rates can kill an otherwise great deal.

Walmart’s In-Store Sale Normally Begins at 6pm on Thanksgiving: Walmart starts its sale on Thursday evening, usually at 6pm. You can get discounts the entire day online, which makes it more convenient because of many Walmart’s Black Friday deals and door busters which are now available on its website.

Color-coded Walmart Store Maps: Walmart offers color-coded store maps on its website or on its app to help you know exactly where to look for your favorite deals.

Walmart’s Annual Ad Scan Leak Happens in the Middle of the Night: Walmart normally waits until all of its top competitors reveal their Black Friday ad to post its own ad. Thus Walmart posts its ad after Target and Best Buy, be ready at 12 a.m. on the morning of November 8 for the ad.

A little about Walmart Shopping Online

A whole lot can be done on while shopping online with Walmart. Such as:

  • On the online portal, you can order, transfer and track Rx prescriptions and refills with Walmart Pharmacy.
  • Make order online for wall art, blankets, posters, and cards with Walmart photo print.
  • Search and then shop available items. With Store Maps/Item Finder, we’ll show you exactly where to locate the best places to purchase items at the store.
  • Get free shipping with no membership fee and get millions of items delivered in as little as two days.
  • Shop online with Walmart at your convenience, faster pick-up at the store and check-in while shopping from your phone.
  • Be it at the store or online, you can easily re-order the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online.

Five Easy Ways to Save on Walmart Shopping

  • $25 Off With Card: When you sign up and get approved, you get $25 off through the store’s credit card. Enjoy $25 off your first order over $75 made using the card. Included also are other long-term perks.
  • Grocery Delivery: Save when you are shopping for grocery as well as get a Walmart Grocery coupon for free delivery. You can also place an order online and pick it up later.
  • 90-Days Free Returns: You can return an item for up to 90-days. There is restriction to food products and intimates. Just hold onto the original packaging, then sign into your Walmart account and tap on “Start a return” to get a pre-paid return label. Mail your package and get refunded within days.
  • Fast and free delivery: Shopping online is convenient; Walmart offers a free 2-day shipping on most orders over $30, no catch, no Walmart promo code, no membership required. This 2-day shipping service is limited to the U.S. Walmart also ships to other states, but it may take additional days to arrive.
  • Walmart Savings Catcher: Savings Catcher surfs the internet for lower prices on competitor sites.

If you are a regular shopper at Walmart, this the time to let Walmart compensate you for the numerous purchases you’ve made at its store with its amazing Walmart Black Friday 2019 Ad, Deals & Sales.



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