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How to Create an Account on Viber

Have you tried to use the Viber platform on your web browser but it did not work, well today you are going to learn lots of things about the Viber Web? In this article also, you will also know if the Viber platform can be used on the web or not. What I just want you to do right now is just to sit down comfortably as I take you through the explanation process more proper.

Viber Web

Do you ever think the platform can be used on a web browser or to see if it has a website that can be used instead of the app? Which of cause Viber also has an app, this app is what people commonly make use of when it comes to Viber assessment? What I want to let everyone know about is that it is really true that Viber can be used on the web but if you have tried it before but you find out that you cannot make use of it. I am going to explain every detail to you so that you can understand whatever this article is all about.


Viber is an online platform used to communicate with friends and family. The Viber is just like a number dialing platform but it is more than dialing of phone numbers. It can also be used as a course of video and voice calling service which can be used to reach out to your friends and family. You can also use it to send messages just like any other social media that we all know of. But before you can access this platform and before you can use it to make video or voice calls, you must have a credit on it. If there are no credits on your account, you can also buy credits by pre-paying for packages that are known to be credited. Whenever you buy credit, you will be allowed to make your video or voice calls and even send messages.

Review About Viber

This platform is so wonderful that you as a user can create a chat group if you have an account with them. You can create a chat group with your friends and family if you want, it is totally free to every user that has an account with them. Know that buying credit costs money, which you will see a different kind of plans. The one at $9.99, $4.99, and the one at $24.99, you are free to choose the one you want to pay for, for you to have a credit. Now, let see about the website of this platform of Viber that we have been talking about.

Viber Web Portal

The is the name of the website for Viber but if you enter just on your web browser, you will not be able to access the platform. The only way you can access the platform is only when you include account to the website by entering Viber on your web browser. Like I said earlier that it also has a mobile app for mobile devices like androids’ smartphones. The app is the substitute for the web version of it. To download the app, you just have to access your app store on your mobile phone or smartphone device and search for “Viber” on the search bar. When you are done with that, click the download or install button you see there to download the app into your mobile phone.

Create an Account on Viber

Right now, we are going to discuss the sign-up stage how you can create an account with them. There are two ways in which you can create an account on this platform, you can use the Viber website or the app to create an account and it is very easy to understand and undergo the process.


  • The very first process you need to follow when creating this account is to access their website or by accessing their mobile app.
  • If you are using their website, go to Viber on your browser.
  • Then click the login button at the top of the homepage and hit the create button on it.
  • Now, you have to enter your mobile number and then use the code sent to your message inbox to verify the account.
  • After that, enter your email address and create your password.
  • Lastly, you can now click the sign-up button below the boxes and you are done with the sign-up process.

With these steps listed above, you can easily create your Viber account using their website or their mobile app.


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