Unblock Your Facebook Page | How to Unblock Your Facebook Page


Unblock Your Facebook Page

Unblock Your Facebook Page: Facebook, a social networking platform with over a billion active users is one of the best tools for keeping in touch with family, old friends and anybody else you wish to connect to all over the world. Facebook has been one of the top social networking platforms over the years. Bringing new updates consistently and allowing more users to their platform.

A Facebook page has been useful over the years. It is a page on Facebook that allows millions of users to get included in things they love and have interest in. A Facebook page varies in sports, music, business, education, entertainment etc. Facebook pages have been used as a medium for interactions between customers, marketers and a large audience of online users. A Facebook page can be sometimes blocked due to some reasons. some of the reasons are sending too many friend requests or adding promotional links consistently.


A blocked Facebook page is never a good option for any group, organization or business. This is because this social site is used by millions to connect with other users who have similar interests. A blocked Facebook page also signifies hours of lost work spent adding exciting content. There’s good news to these as a Facebook page can be unblocked. But it can only be done by the say of the site’s administrator whether or not it should be restored.

In this content today, I will be guiding you on how you can unblock your Facebook page. Users are advised to follow the steps given below carefully so you can unblock your Facebook page successfully.

How to Unblock Your Facebook Page

  • Click on the arrow at the top right corner of your timeline
  • Select settings in the option
  • Tap on the blocking button in the left column
  • In the next page that comes up which is the block pages section, click the “unblock” button next to the page you wish to unlock.

Not everyone is on Facebook for the purpose of meeting and communicating with new people. Some are on this social network just to be involved in groups, marketing or to keep tabs with what their friends or families are up to. The good news is that Facebook has also been of help as they include privacy and security settings to their platform.

By accessing these settings, you can prevent people from seeing things you post and you can also completely hide your profile from strangers. Protecting your privacy can be somewhat challenging but if you follow the steps which will be stated below, you can assure your Facebook is private.


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