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Twitter App Download

Right on this article what I thinking of updating you about is how to download and create an account on Twitter App for Mobile but since there are people who have not to understand what Twitter is. We have been hearing so many things about Twitter, what it is known for and some people are already using it but there are still people out there that are not aware of it. That will now make me go deep by explaining what Twitter is before going on with the topic we have here.

Twitter App for Mobile

The Twitter app for mobile is a mobile app and it is made for only mobile devices. It cannot be used on the web. For instance, like the Twitter web or website now, you know that it can only be used on the web but one of the apps cannot be used on the web. There is no URL for the Twitter app, the only URL it has is the mobile app which is downloadable. It can also work on computers also buy what we are discussing here is about mobile devices. Just like the website of it, that is apps how the app look like, you can also use it to tweet, post, advertise your business on it, and some other things that are not mentioned here but when you access the app to check I bet you will find them there just like the website.

What is Twitter

Before I continue, I will like to talk about the Twitter platform so that those that are not in line with what we have here today. So that they can be updated and for them to be in line with us. Twitter is social networking communicating media to reaching out to other people most especially our family or relations.


It is known as a web-based platform that you need to visit their website before it can be accessed. As a user, someone that has an account with them, you are free to do whatever you want on the platform. It can be used to post pictures and videos, even text status. Is can also be used for chatting purpose which is known as tweeting on twitter, and again it is also a platform where you can advertise your business on.

There are so many things about Twitter but I will like to end it here so that we can move over to the topic proper. At this time, I want to talk about the app, how it can be downloaded into our mobile devices.

Twitter App Download

This is where I will be putting this article to an end but before that, let talk about the download and see if it is possible to register an account with the Twitter app. Follow the steps below if you want to download the app.

  • To download the app, you have to access your mobile device app store and after you have laughed it.
  • Click the search bar on it to search for the app by typing “Twitter” inside it. One of the reasons why you need to search before you can download it, so you can find the app quickly but if you search you may not be able to locate the app very quickly.
  • After you search, you will see the app at the top of the result page, click it and hit the download or install button.

With the install or download button, you can download the app. After the downloading process is completed, install the app. But if you are using the Google play store on your device, you don’t need to install the app anymore because immediately after you download the app from your Google play store the app will automatically install itself.

Twitter Account Create – Twitter Create Account Mobile

If you look, you will see that there are two sub-headings here and both of them mean the same thing. They are telling us about one thing which creating a Twitter account, to create this account there are steps which you need to process. The guide below is there to direct you, just follow them one after the other.


  • Open the app after downloading and the installation or go to
  • Then click the sign-up or create a button that you will see on the home page of the app.
  • Then enter your personal information and click the sign-up button one more time and your account is set and ready to be used.

These steps above are just a brief explanation of how you can create your account, you just have to apply the steps one after the other as I said earlier. You can also sign in your account if you already have one by clicking the sign in or login button on the app homepage and enter your account login details that’s all.


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