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Toxicwap Free Downloads

Toxicwap is wapsite built mainly for downloading digital files for mobile devices. Files like Mp3 Downloads, Android Games, Tv series, and videos. It‘s not, just a Wapsite where you can download mobile apps alone but also means of social media where you can meet a new friend.


Toxicwap has some nice categories of files that really make its wap page more outstanding. This website also offers users comfortable searching time whenever they feel like visiting the page for downloading electronic files. These categories of files are;

  • Movies
  • Android
  • TV Series
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Ebooks
  • Android Games
  • Images

Most people find it difficult to Download Full Mobile Movies on their phones. is the best wapsite for free download when it comes to mobile devices. It is available for users as they can download complete movies, Tv series, and other digital files right into your mobile device.

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Toxicwap Movies | Movies Download

For users who are new to this site and are visiting this wapsite for the first time and also who have issues in downloading movies from Toxicwap. Here is the good news in this tutorial am going to talk on how to download Toxicwap full mobile movies on your phone. Downloading movies from the Toxicwap portal is one of the easiest ways that can be accessed because this wapsite gives access which is very easy to all its lovely files. Here is the step to follow if you to be able to download free movies.

  1. Click on any browser on your device.
  2. Go to the URL on the toolbar on your browser.
  3. Type the URL or
  4. The first page you see is the home page. Click on the movie tab from the listed tabs.

Note:  The movie is splinted to different file categories for you to download on your device.

  1. Click on the movie you want to download.
  2. And click on the download icon of the movie when you scroll down the page.

Toxicwap Videos | Videos Download

There are so many classes of videos on this site; in this tutorial, we will be talking about how to download videos from this portal. How to Download Music Videos, South Africa Videos, Car Videos, Dance Videos, Funny Videos, HipHop Interviews, Social Experiment.

  1. Music videos.
  2. South Africa videos.
  3. Car videos.
  4. Dance videos.
  5. Funny videos.
  6. Hip-hop interviews.
  7. Social Experiment.

Here is a step on how to download videos for free on

  1. Go to any browser on your device and click on the browser for it to open.
  2. Type in the URL in the address bar of your web browser.
  3. The home page of this wapsite will open, on that home page, click on the video.
  4. The listed category of videos above will open, then click on the video type you want.
  5. Click the video you want and start downloading for free.

Toxicwap Music Download | Toxicwap Free Mp3 Downloads

Most people find it difficult to download mp3 music on their phones. On this wonderful wapsite you can get the latest and updated music for free. One amazing thing about this wap site is how its file is been updated frequently. Here is a step on how to download free mp3 music;

  1. Open any browser on your device.
  2. Type in the Url in the address bar of your browser.
  3. Click on music on the home page of Toxicwap.
  4. Select the type of music you want and click on it.
  5. Click download to beginning downloading.

Toxicwap TV Series | Toxicwap Series | Toxicwap TV Series Download

TV Series is one trending TV show movie program in the world today. Most movies are now acted in series which is splinted in different episodes. Over the years back most movies are been acted in parts. But now most producers now act movies in series and share the series to the season instead of the part which it has always been. It always takes more time to finish watching seasonal movies. Then the one acted in parts because of the hours the movies will take to finish.

Over the year most users have been longing to locate a site where they can always download TV series movies. Users are advised to follow the steps given below carefully to download the movie series they’ve been willing to download to their devices either mobile and PC devices.

How to Download TV Series From Toxicwap

  1. Enter the URL of this portal stated above already on any browser you lunch on your device to access the own page of this wapsite
  2. Click on TV Series from listed files on the Home Page of Toxicwap
  3. The next page that displays on your device screen is the home page of Toxicwap TV Series with two categories of files. these categories of files are; TV Series: Recently Updated and TV Series listed below in alphabetical order. click on the category you want to download from to access the next page.
  4. Search for the TV Series movies you want to download and click it to proceed further.
  5. The next page will display to you the TV Series in seasons. Select the one you want to download. Note you can’t download the whole episode of TV series at once. Select the episode you want to download to have access to the downloading page.
  6. Click on the download button to start downloading Toxicwap TV Series into your device.

Android Standalone Games | Toxicwap Games

Android Standalone Games are single Apk File that can be installed on your mobile device. These games are referred to as “games with one file”. And these games can be played immediately after downloading them to your device. The sizes of the files in these games are normally small and are not usually more than 50 megabits in each one. Every standalone game on is free for download and some are usually 3D.

Android Games with Data Files | Toxicwap Games

Android games are games which are already paid, these games also include two data files, either obb files or apk files. You can always download obb file from this portal. You can also copy the obb file to your android device by creating its own folder on your android device.

Note; Android games with data files are usually of nice quality with good and standard graphics. With a large file size of 300 to 2GB. If you need to download android games with high-quality graphics from toxicwap them you need its Android games with data files.

How to download Standalone Games and Games with Data Files from

Once you are on the home of

  1. Click on Android which is among the categories of files on this wapsite
  2. The next page will display to you two categories of the game (Standalone Games and Games with Data files) click on the one you want to download from to proceed further.
  3. On the next page that pops out, you can search for the game you want to download through the categories of games listed before you. Once found it, click on it to navigate to the next page.
  4. Scroll down the page or locate the download icon and click on it to start downloading the game to your Android device.

How to download Toxicwap Android Games

Toxicwap has lots of great and eccentric android games made for users to have pleasure when playing games. You can download all your favorite android games to your mobile device through this wonderful and well-updated wapsite. All android game on this wapsite is free for download. You just need an android mobile device that has an internet connection to download all your favorite games.

If you want to download games from Toxicwap or you have been finding it difficult to download from the page. Just follow the simple step below to download games from its platform.

  1. Open any internet connected browser on your mobile device
  2. Type the URL on the search bar of the browser you open. And click enter to navigate further
  3. Select the category of the file you want to download (Android Games) from and click on it
  4. The next page that pops out will display to you all the categories of android games on this portal
  5. Click on the category the game you want to download from falls on to process
  6. Search for the Android game you want to download to your mobile device from the list of games that pops out. Once you are able to locate the game you want to download to proceed further.
  7. Scroll down the next page that pops out and clicks on Download to start downloading the game to your mobile device. Images and Wallpaper has a lot of pictures stored in its database for you to download. The picture on its wap page is split into several different categories. With this category, you can be able to identify or download the pictures, photo or image you want to download easily.

The groups of images in this wapsite are; Religion, WWE, Love, Nature, Abstract, Games, Love, Rasta, Christmas, Bumper Stickers, Romance.

Toxicwap Ebook

Toxicwaps aim is to satisfy every user that visits their wap page with all its wonderful and amazing features ensuring that all users get an accurate result. It has a “Free PDF and Java Ebooks” for every user download. You are always guaranteed of fast and secured Free PDF and Java Ebook for your mobile devices.

This is an awesome wapsite where all digital files can be downloaded for free. No login details needed or sign up. All you need is the URL and a web browser.


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