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Subway Surfers Online Gaming

Subway Surfers Login: If am correct, the Subway surfers game is the first game app to run over a million downloads on Google play-store monthly. You can Google it for better results.

The Subway surfers game was released on May 2012 by SYBO and KILOO, the software game is among the most popularly played games around the globe.

Jacob Moller, KILOO C.E.Os. Stated – “we have achieved greatness by combining our strengths at SYBO and KILOO. The continued growth of the game and brand is our major focus, and we are excited about future releases and the animated short films that are launching later this year. The players will have even more great contents to consume”.  That is to say, the Subway surfers game app is on an update for new and exciting features.


Play Subway Surfers Game

Playing the Subway surfers game is quite easy if only you understand the contents of the game. But not to worry, I’ll take through a ride on how to play the Subway surfers game effectively. There are three major things involved in playing subway surfer game, which includes; Playing the game, surviving a run, and Getting plenty of coins.


in playing subway surfers game, there are many strategies you can use;

  • Swipe up to jump over obstacles and get more coins in the air.
  • Swipe down to roll—when you swipe down you roll under obstacles.
  • Also, Swipe left and right to switch Lanes in order to avoid obstacles.
  • Double-tap the screen to use hoverboards – when you use hoverboards, you collect more coins and it protects you from crashing.
  • Collect glowing power-ups to boost your energy.

Surviving a Run

  • Time your movements to avoid getting crashed on obstacles.
  • Switch Lanes while in mid-air or mid-roll.
  • Jump and roll to get coins on top of trains.
  • Use hoverboard to avoid crashing.
  • Use ramps to reach the top of trains.

Getting Plenty of Coins

  • Upgrade some power-ups from the shop menu.
  • Spend your coins to upgrade coin magnet jetpack power-ups.
  • Complete daily challenge and receive a reward.
  • Complete missions.
  • Purchase double coins boost.

How to Log into Facebook on Subway Surfers

You can login to your Facebook account to connect to subway surfers this enables you to get more awards. To login subway surfers with Facebook;


  • Open the subway surfers app on your Android device.
  • Click the ME
  • Click on awards button.
  • Select log in for Facebook at the top of the page.
  • Enter your Facebook login details.
  • Click Log in and you’ll be directed to subway surfers page on Facebook

In the subway surfers game page on Facebook login account, there you can see your friends who also play the games. You can compete with your friends to get more rewards. Your subway surfers scores will be shared on your Facebook page for other players to see. You can also see friends or players with high scores. Quickly get the subway surfers app to your phone and be a part of the fun too.


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