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Skype Sign in My Account Login

Skype Sign in or Login: Have a spoken conversation with friends over the internet using the world’s best software application Skype; typically also view friends via a webcam. Ever pondered on what Skype is? Then ponder no more, here’s a detailed explanation of what Skype is and how it works.

Skype is a telecommunication software application that is designed to provide voice calls and video chats between PC and mobile devices via an internet connection.

The Skype software application was developed by the Skype technologies, the app was first released on 29th August 2013. Skype operated on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Hololens, Xbox one supported devices.

Recently the Skype app is available in over 108 languages with about or over 600 users worldwide. Skype has interesting features and are very innovating, its latest feature is the translate feature that allows people to speak in different language’s while still understanding each other.

How Skype Works

Skype enables face-to-face voice and group calls, instant messaging and file sharing with other users on Skype. The application is easy and free to download on mobile, PC, and tablet devices you can also pay as you go on Skype or instead buy a subscription to enable you to send SMS on Skype to non-Skype users.

Skype supports its users to make conference calls; video chats, and screen sharing between 20 – 25 users at a go for free. The software app does not allow users to call emergency numbers like 911,112, or even 100.

It gives the users opportunity to communicate with through both instant messaging and voice chat, the voice chat allows telephone calls using a microphone.

Most importantly, Skype is best recommended for business merchants. This simply means with Skype the business merchants can couple their system of employees, business partners, and customers together to get things moving effectively.

Skype set up requirements

Before you download Skype app to your device, it’s a good idea you know about the different requirements needed to set up on your device.

  • High-speed internet connection.
  • Speakers and microphone.

They’re quite expensive but are good at making Skype voice and video calls.

Skype has broken many barriers to communication years ago people encounter problems making international calls to friends and relatives abroad. But nowadays, you no longer need to bother about that because Skype enables one-on-one free calls.

To make use of Skype, you need to have a Skype account. With a Skype account, you can easily access Skype features and any other kinds of stuff related to Skype.

Skype Sign in

You can sign in to Skype with a Skype username, email address, or even a phone number. To sign in;

  • Open the Skype app on your device.
  • Tap on Skype name, email, or phone.
  • Enter your name, email address, or phone number for your Skype account.
  • Click sign in.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click continue.

If you don’t have a Skype account, you can easily create one by clicking the sign up button and following the steps provided.


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