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Skype for Business Account

Skype For Business Sign Up involves the process of creating your business account with the business platform on Skype. This communication feature now provides business services for companies, business owners, and people who need space for online business activities. This service is known as Skype for Business. To make use of this service, you have to create an account. This is the reason this article has been put in place, as you will find the necessary steps to help you get this account.

Skype For Business Sign Up

Skype For Business Sign Up is the very first step to take if you really want to make use of this service. In this part of this article, I will tell you about this business service, so you get to know what you are to expect once you sign up for an account with them.

It is a platform that provides features such as video and audio calls, conference calls, messaging, and other features to help you engage in smooth communication. They have an easy to use interface that helps two or more engage in conversations. It is possible for you to host your business meetings online, communicate with your colleagues, and even join meetings. It provides all features to help you get an amazing business experience online.

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How can you access it? You can go through their official web version and mobile application that can be downloaded into your smartphone. To enjoy all amazing use of this platform, you absolutely need this account! You will be provided with business features and an office app for an affordable fee.

Skype for Business Account

This part of this article will be referring you the Skype For Business Sign Up. Signing up simply refers to creating an account with a platform. How do you get your account? If you want to make use of this business service, then you will need access to Office 365. Using your Microsoft account, you can access the office 365. Through these platforms, you can make use of this business platform.

  • Log in to Office 365 on
  • Provide your Microsoft account details, as you log in
  • On the homepage, click on the Settings tab and choose Office 365 from the list of options
  • Tap on Software
  • You may find the Skype for Business feature or not. Why? It depends on your Office plan
  • If you find the feature, tap on it, as you also click on Install
  • Are you done? Tap on Sign in for the First Time

These steps will take you further, as you get into the platform and make use of the services made available. You really do not have to set up another account. It works through your Microsoft account. As long as you have an account with Microsoft, you can get into Office 365. And based on the plan you chose for the Office account; you can get this business feature or not.

Skype for Business App

It is also available as an app that can be used on your mobile phones. What can you do with this app?

  • Create a video call and invite friends to join the call
  • Host and join business meetings
  • Find recent conversations and pick up from where you left
  • Easily search for and find contacts through phone number, email address, or name
  • Share videos and view the speaker’s video during the conference
  • Control online meetings

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To make use of this business platform using your mobile phone, download and install the app following the steps listed below.

  • Get on the app store of your device
  • Type in and search for Skype for Business
  • Tap on the app and click on the download button

This will begin the download of the app into your mobile device. After the download, open the app, create an account or log in if you have an account.

Skype for Business Login

After the Skype For Business Sign Up what comes next? Skype for Business login! Now, you have your account, you may be prompted to log in some cases. So, how do you log in?

  • Visit the platform on
  • On the homepage, tap on Sign In
  • Provide the email address and password for you’re the account
  • Click on Sign In

This will take you into your account. You can access all the services!


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