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Sell on Facebook Using Paypal

Sell on Facebook Using Paypal: Started a new Facebook business page and you wish to use PayPal as a payment method for people to pay for what they wanted? Very simple;

A Facebook business merchant stated – “I am selling some women wears (clothes and shoes) on my Facebook business page and I wish to know the best way to use PayPal as a payment method.

Buying and Selling Safely on Marketplace

Got some customers but they insist on payment link for them to pay for the items and that’s why I have chosen PayPal. I want to invoice them, charge them for the items and shipping, and also collect the money too”.

To do all of the above, it would be best to use a Facebook business page account since you’re selling hardware goods and ship them. When you set up a Facebook business page, you can configure PayPal as a payment option. Buyers go through the checkout process and include their shipping address.

Note that when customers suit their payments, make sure to ship the products they requested for to the shipping address provided by the customers.

If you’re selling more than one item you need to first create a new tab that allows users to choose the various items they need. When creating a product tab or tabs, make sure you also put in the values of the products next to the various products.

To create these products, visit the merchant tabs on your PayPal account. After creating the product tabs copy the code and paste it on your Facebook business page. You are also given the opportunity to add photos of your products and even a brief description of the products you are selling for your customers to see what they want to purchase.

To Sell Via Paypal, do You Need To Register Your Business On Facebook?

Yes, you need to have a registered business page before you can add PayPal as a payment method on your business page.

To sell your products on your business page using PayPal, you need to provide the buyer with your PayPal account email address or send the buyer a PayPal invoice from your PayPal account using the request money tab.

When the buyer sends payment, the money will be credited to your PayPal account balance.

As business merchants, you can advertise your products on Facebook business page for your customers to see. Facebook makes it possible for users to sell their products on their Facebook page. Business merchants advertise their products on the Facebook business page to sell and gain more customers, while its customer selects and add items to their carts without leaving the Facebook social network platform.

In this process, Facebook business merchants think of adding a payment method for customers who buy their products to be able to buy and pay for their products.

Add Paypal to Your Facebook Business Page

  • Log into your Facebook app on your phone device.
  • Tap the menu icon.
  • Click on the Ads manager.
  • Tap billing.
  • Click on add PayPal.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Click the save button to confirm your information.

Facebook pays the PayPal transactions fee, there’s no additional cost for you to use PayPal on Facebook. Unless your PayPal is in a different currency to your Facebook account.

However, PayPal allows every business merchants on Facebook to process, organize, and analyze their Facebook business transactions.


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