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How to Change Amazon Password

Are you in search of ways to Recover and Change or reset Your Amazon account Password? Stay right on this article, as you will definitely get every detail that you need. There is no doubt that you must have come in contact with times when you may have forgotten the password to a certain account. Who knows? You may also need to Recover Your Amazon Password. Well, if you fall into this situation, then I have certainly got you covered. Following the steps that I will be listing in the latter part of this article, you can get a new password for the account.

Recover Your Amazon Password

Well, I would say that it is normal for anyone to actually forget the password to an account. So many people out there have got accounts online. And if you have so many accounts, then you must have used different passwords then. You may have a unique password for each of the accounts, as it is better to use different passwords for safety reasons. An Amazon account could be one of the active accounts that you have and make use of. So many people out there testify of how convenient this online store really is. With this, so many tend to get an account and become online shoppers.

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If you have an account, you should know that it is easy to scroll through this website, in order to purchase any item of your choice. But what happens if you just cannot log in all of a sudden? The guidelines in this article will help recover your account if you lose your password.

What is My Amazon Account Password?

Have you been wondering what your Amazon password could be? You may have forgotten the password to this account all of a sudden. You really cannot afford to lose this password, right? Well, you do not stress about that anymore. Why? There is an amazing way for you to reset your account password if you have lost it.

How can you Recover Your Amazon Password? Right from the main Amazon site, you can reset your account password. Once you get to the site, you will find an option called “Forgot your password?”. From here, you are sure to get a password to your account. However, follow the steps listed for a better understanding.

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How to Change Amazon Password If Forgotten

Wondering how to Recover Your Amazon Password? It’s easy! If you have lost the password to this account, you can easily reset by following the Forgot your password step on the main site.

  • Visit the Amazon website on
  • Under the login section, click on Forgot Your Password
  • Enter your email address or phone number
  • Click on Continue

This will take you further, as you have to go through some verification processes. You may be asked to copy a text from an image into a box, in order to verify that you are human.

If you created the account using your email address, you also have to follow the instructions given to you through your email. However, if you used your phone number, then you will receive an SMS message. Follow the instructions in order to create a new and safe password for the account. That’s how it works!


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