Pinterest Profile | How to Access and Use Pinterest Overview


How to Access and Use Pinterest Overview

Did you ever think that there is such a thing as Pinterest profiles? Do you know the use of Pinterest profile?. Well if you are new to it, Pinterest has this platform called Pinterest profile where you can check your Pinterest impressions and clicks. Do you want to know how many people are looking at the pins or boards you have on Pinterest? You see with the Pinterest profile you not just see only people who are viewing your pins on Pinterest, you can also view what has been going on for the past 30 days, their clicks on your stuffs and the benefits is that you can save or download this data to your device. This feature makes things a lot easier for you on Pinterest. Continue reading to learn how to access Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Profile

Seeing that you are still reading means that you are really interested in checking your profile, so without wasting much time I am going to give you step 1 now

Step 1         

In order to be able to access and use Pinterest profile, you must first get some items in your possession and these items are listed below

  • You must first get a pc(personal computer), a desktop or a palmtop
  • Secondly get a source of active data connection
  • And lastly an active data subscription from the source of data connection

After obtaining the above items, charge and boot your device. After booting check to confirm that there is an active data connection and an active data subscription. Continue reading to get step 2 on how to check your Pinterest profile


Step 2

After making sure of the data connection and subscription then refresh your device and continue with the bullets below. And please don’t try to skip any step to avoid confusion.

  • Locate your device browser and open it. When the browser has opened simply locate the search bar and type in the URL, then search.
  • On the web page loaded simply log in to your Pinterest account and your Pinterest home page should start loading. Simply wait a few seconds.
  • On your Pinterest home page locate the “Analytics” icon by the top left of your screen with a drop-down arrow. Simply click on it and then on the profile link from the drop down.
  • On the new web page is your Pinterest profile page. The page would have a header titled Your Pinterest profile and that is it. You are done.


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