PayPal Money Adder | How PayPal Money Adder Works


The Paypal Money Adder

How PayPal Money Adder Works: PayPal money adder software, also known as the PayPal money generator is an app that adds money straight to your PayPal account for free. In the app all you have to do is download the app, fill the form and receive money into your PayPal account. Well, this sounds too good to be true so I am glad you are reading this article now.

PayPal Money Adder

PayPal money adder is not in any way connected to PayPal. Please do not fall into this trap. There are many ways to make genuine money online but none will pay you for doing absolutely nothing. The creators of this software are using this to scam and fraud those who mare vulnerable and desperate. So do bother to give it a try because they will only wreck you.

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How PayPal Money Adder Works

You may wonder why they are really building this PayPal money adder in the first place well the truth is that they want your information and make money from you. Here is what they really do.

  • Take your money. First, they will make you pay before download only for you to find out that the software does not work. Another way will be making you fill out the survey and they will be making money off you.
  • Your email address. They collect your valid email address and sell them to big business and you will be getting a lot of unwanted spam.
  • High jack your PayPal account. If they ask for your password then you are in trouble. Never give your password that is connected to your financial detail and also use the same login details as your PayPal account.

With this, you should see why you should not use this software.

Genuine Ways to Earn Pay Pal Money Online

There are so many ways to earn money online and here are few ways to earn money online without being scammed.

  • This popular way of earning online. There are so many websites that offer freelance tasks for people with varying skills.
  • Start your own website. There are so many materials on the web for you to be able to start your own website.
  • Affiliate marketing. Once you have your own website you can start affiliate marketing. By allowing businesses and companies to insert web links in your site.
  • There are a lot of websites and apps that allow you to undergo an online survey.
  • Virtual assistantship. You can offer support to businesses, companies and other corporation’s administrative support.

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  • Online tutoring. If you are good at a particular subject you can earn by tutoring people online.
  • Social media. Use your social media account to make money by advertising company products and creating videos that will go viral.
  • Content writing. You can be asked to write articles with specific guidelines and get paid for it.
  • YouTube. Make money from YouTube by creating video presentations. Create your YouTube channel and start monetizing them.

There are several more ways to earn money online that are not written here. With this, you can be earning a steady income without stress.


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