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How to Prevent and Respond to a PayPal Dispute

PayPal Dispute: Now we all know a dispute is a disagreement or argument about something. PayPal dispute is when a buyer has a problem with a transaction. They can bring it to the seller’s attention by opening a dispute in PayPal resolution center.  PayPal has made its goal to make sure the buying and selling process is easy and secure as possible for their customers.

PayPal Dispute

The PayPal dispute process is an opportunity to resolve issues before they grow out of hand to become a claim. It is in the seller’s best interest to work with the customer to resolve the dispute and it is also the seller’s chance to use great customer service to solve the issue and help prevent it from growing into something larger.

Why PayPal Dispute Occurs

A buyer can file a dispute for two reasons. First is: item not received and in this case the buyer is claiming they order something and paid for it but did not receive it and the second is: significantly not as described and in this kind of claim the buyer is stating the item that the seller sent to them is significantly different than what was expected based on the sellers description.

How to Open a Dispute with Seller

You can open a dispute with a seller because of the two reasons listed above. You can open a dispute with a seller in the resolution center of your PayPal account within 180 days of payment.

  • Now the first thing, go to the resolution center in your PayPal account.
  • Click on dispute a transaction.
  • Select the button beside the transaction you want to dispute and then click ok.
  • Select the item dispute and click continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Before you file for a dispute please make sure to give the seller sufficient time to send your goods and you must wait at least seven days from the date of payment.

How to respond to A PayPal Dispute

As a seller you will need to respond to a dispute, to respond to a dispute you will follow these steps.

  • Now go to the resolution center.
  • Click on view under action next to your case and respond to the buyer and make sure to include relevant information such as packaging information and then click post message.

The message will be sent immediately to the buyer and remember this is an opportunity to resolve the dispute without intervention so it is best to be courteous and helpful.

How to Prevent Dispute

As a seller, good communication with your buyer is important to help prevent disputes.

  • You will start by providing detailed, accurate descriptions of items for sale and include pictures from multiple angles.
  • When a purchase is made, make sure to ship items promptly, and provide tracking information.
  • Make sure to post customer service contact information, including working hours and response time frames. A toll-free phone number is more preferable to an email address.
  • Offer a refund and post your return policy where customers can see it this will make customers have trusted for your goods.

If a customer contacts you, be professional, helpful, and courteous and set up a customer service message within your account.


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