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Payoneer Card ATM Fees

What are the Payoneer ATM Card fees? Do you have a Payoneer card? Have you made use of this card, if you have one? If you have, then you should have noticed by now that there are fees associated with the Payoneer card whether you are an active user of the card or not. With the Payoneer card, there are always charges right from the time you requested for the card to when you start making use of it. Are the fees charged for this card too much or not? This is something new and potential Payoneer customers would love to find out. Well, old and existing customers don’t seem to care about this, this, therefore, shows that whatever the fees are, it is OK!

Payoneer Fees ATM

Do you know that there are some Payoneer account holders who do not know that there are Payoneer cards? They don’t even know that they can request for these cards and also use them on ATM outlets all over the world. Well to take us further in this article I will be telling you of what the Payoneer card really is and what it can be used for.

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The Payoneer card is a MasterCard issued by Payoneer to its customers on request. This means that you will need to request this card in order to get it. With this card, you can easily do things you can do with most debit and credit cards all over the world. You can withdraw cash from your Payoneer wallet with this card. You can also use this card to shop online and offline in outlets that accept it as a payment method.

Payoneer Card ATM Fees

Now that you know what the Payoneer card is and what it can be used for, know that there are also fees associated with making use of this card. I will be writing exclusively on the fees associated with making use of the card in ATM outlets. There are three types of fees charged when making use of Payoneer card at ATM outlets and they are;

  • Withdrawal fee.
  • The surcharge imposed by the owner of the ATM.
  • A cross border fee or currency conversion fee.

Any fee charged with using your card at ATM posts will fall directly under these options. Below are the Payoneer ATM fees;

  • ATM card first time activation – $29.95.
  • Money withdrawal via ATM – $3.15.
  • Checking balance via ATM – $1.
  • ATM transaction declined – $1.
  • ATM withdrawal exchange fees – 3.5%.

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These are the fees charged in relation to using the Payoneer card at ATM posts. There are other fees associated with the Payoneer card in general and there are much different, but nothing you can’t handle.


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