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Opening a Payoneer Account

Payoneer Account: As days pass, things change in the real world and also on the Internet. Due to that they have been a lot of new inventions and update worldwide. In the aspects of which things are been updated on the Internet, have u heard of Payoneer Account?. Well, you might have heard of it, knowing it an account but don’t know what the pay o neer Account means or what it used for. The Payoneer Account is a personal account which contains his or her details. Like we all know Facebook account, so as it is with the Payoneer Account.

Well first of all most pay o neer is an online financial services platform which allows users to send and receive funds from anywhere or anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, professional or freelance, signing up for Payoneer it allows you to receive and send funds anytime. And that where the pay o neer Account well is off need. The pay o neer Account is an online account which users create, attaching their bank account number to their account which enables them to transfer money to their bank.

Reasons for Creating a Payoneer Account

Users do just wake up one morning and stand on a decision that they want to create an account on Payoneer. They must be reasons before people sign up for Payoneer Account. The only reason which would make a person create Payoneer Account are listed below;


  • Either a person wants to transfer fund to someone, which the person wants to make the transfer with Payoneer, which mean the receiver would need a Payoneer Account.
  • A person works for an online company and can’t receive fund directly to his bank account can create a Payoneer Account.
  • Having a Payoneer master card users can shopping online.

Note users can as well create a Payoneer Account even without having a bank account. Because Payoneer is also just like a bank but it an international bank which offers services to people worldwide.

How Can I Open a Payoneer Account

Creating a Payoneer Account is very easy and faster when creating an account. For new coming users they might think it that hard, but it not. Users should follow the below steps to sign up of Payoneer Account;

  • Visit the Payoneer website on any of your web browsers, and enter the website URL,
  • On the Payoneer homepage, at the top right side click on the sign up button and you would be directed to the Payoneer sign up page.
  • Fill in your first name and last name in your government issued id card, written in English characters.
  • An email address will be needed so you can be able to access your account and send you communications. And you would also need to re-enter your email address to be sure it correct.
  • A date of birth which is on your government id card will be needed, make sure you are up to 18 and above.
  • You would need to identify which country you from.
  • You would need to provide two address line, or you can as well provide one address line.
  • Provide the city name you live in.
  • A postal and zip code will be needed.
  • Your mobile number.
  • On the users, name text field fills in your email address as your user name.

The Payoneer App

Are you looking for an online service that helps you easily transfer your funds online without going to use an ATM machine? I know you are tired of going to the bank every weekend to do a transfer of funds to loved ones, family and friends. But I got a solution for you, you might have heard of Payoneer before, but don’t know what it used for. Well, I would tell you what it’s used for. Payoneer is a financial service company which provides digital payment services and helps with online money transfer.


Payoneer App like PayPal is an electronic fund and currency transfer program with headquarters based in the United States. Whether you are a business owner, professional owner or freelancer you can start using Payoneer and start receiving multiple ways to get paid online. Payoneer is a financial service provider and company that provide online money transfer ad digital payment services to various account holders. As a matter of fact, account holders can send and receive multiple funds into their bank account using Payoneer. Payoneer provides cross-border transactions in more than one hundred and fifty local currencies.

The Benefit of Using Payoneer

With Payoneer users can be on their residential home can make any transfer of funds to whosoever they which to give money to. Not only to transferring of funds but also can you receive funds. With Pay o neer, users can receive funds from anyone provide the sender also has a Payoneer. Pay o neer allows it, users, to receive a big amount of funds. For instance, you work for a big company like Google you can attach your Pay o neer to your Google account for withdrawing. It does not matter if the funds are about ten thousand dollars, Pay o neer allows you to accept it to your Payoneer account. And talking about the Payoneer account users will need a Pay o neer account, which will enable them to store their money on Payoneer.

What Do I Need to Create a Payoneer Account

Create a Payoneer account is not like other social accounts which you don’t attach your real detail about yourself. In pay o neer any users who want to create an account must attach the real detail or after finished creating Payoneer account it won’t last for long. Your account would be lost and you won’t be able to create another pay o neer account anymore. Below are things needed to create a Pay o neer account?

  • Your first and last name.
  • An email address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Address line 1 and
  • Address line 2.
  • Postal or zip code.
  • A mobile number.
  • Users also need a user name, which is your email address.
  • A strong password which will be unable to guess.
  • Choose a security question and an answer.
  • ID card and ID card number.
  • Bank account type.
  • Bank country.
  • What types of currency you would like to use.
  • Bank name.
  • Your account name and
  • IBAN (international bank account number).

The above list is what a user’s need to create a Pay o neer account. Users providing the entire above thing correctly, the users are in progress to having a Payoneer account.

How To Download The Payoneer App

You can easily download the Payoneer application from your mobile or android device play store and create or login your account. It is preferable you install the Payoneer app from your device play store so that you will download the update one at all times. To do this, launch your device play store and search for Payoneer. Find the app and click install and that is it.


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