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Online Advertising Agencies & Best Online Advertising Agencies

Online Advertising Agencies: Do you have a business either a product which you sell or service which you offer? Do wish your product or service reaches the ends of the word? In this present time, there is no way it going to work until you have come to understand that your business will only go viral when it goes online?

What is Online Advertising?

Online marketing is a modern way of advertising your product or service. It is not far from your normal advert which you do for your business such as billboard, handbills, flyers and other analog methods. Online advertising is just a digital way of marketing using electronic gadget with good internet facilities and sometimes involving professionals in the business.

Online advertising can also be called digital marketing, internet marketing web marketing. It is a process of using the internet to promote your product or service. With this method of advertising, you can reach your target market faster than you can ever think of. You can reach them faster especially when you involve some professionals like advertising agencies.

Types of Online Advertising | Digital Marketing

  • Email: the use of email is the oldest method of online advert which took place in the 70’s. The use of email for advertising is known as email marketing. Mail market is using or sending electronic mail to as many emails as have at the same time. This has not been too effective of late. This because when you are not sending to the targeted buyers you end up not passing any info. Also many may see your message as spam and might not be read at all while some of the email address you sent to might not be active. So, ‘presently Email marketing is most advisable if you can get an email list of your target mark.
  • Display Ads: This is another method of the online marketing. This method was first used in the 90’s. This online advertising is the use of banners to on web pages where people can see them and click either to buy your product or request for your service. To do this you have to use a website or a company that has very high traffic daily so as to increase the chances of the reaching your buyers.
  • Search ad: this is mostly done with agencies that have search engines such as Google and the likes. In the year Google launched their search advertising system and until now Google has remained the number 1 search Ad Company in the world.
  • Social Media website: Presently, the social media has been seen as the fastest and best mean to reach out to people because the rate and speed which info is passed across. Some social media where you can advertise online include Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and much more

Benefits of Online Advertising | Digital Marketing

I will advise everyone who is into any kind of business to go into online Advertising as there is a lot of benefit in this kind of marketing strategy for agencies. Let’s look at a few benefits from this method of advertising.

  • Cost:online is highly cost-effective when compared to the offline. Especially when compared to how effective and efficient it is. In some particular social media, it offers low-cost means for advertisers to reach out to large and well-established communities.
  • Measurable: advertisers online can keep a proper record of their adverts effectively and efficiently. Like the number of audiences reached or the exact response of the audience. It will help you know how well you are doing with regards to your marketing progress. With this, you know where to improve on and what to correct.
  • Formatting: Advertising online has many ways to reach the target market of agencies. It does not keep you to one method of advertising. Your adverts can be in different forays such as Image, Video, Audio and link pending on the platform where you want to place your ad. Unlike the offline line advertising which leaves you to a static method of advertising.
  • Targeting: Online Advertising helps the advertiser to be specific when it comes to the target market. It helps you reach a particular set of people in a specific geographical region. An advertiser can easily know how the audiences are responding to the Ads.
  • Coverage: the internet is a global village where everyone on the internet in the world could be reached very fast and almost at the same time. For coverage advertising online is the best choice because it is highly influential.
  • Speed: The speeds at which online advertising activities of various agencies are carried out are quite amazing. When you compare it to offline advertising you see that you reach more people faster, make corrections when needed faster and make other choices faster.

World Best Online Advertising Agencies

Below is a list of advertising agencies:


  • Ogilvy Africa, South Africa


  • Asatsu-DK, Japan
  • Cheil Worldwide, Seoul
  • Digital Jungle, Beijing
  • Hakuhodo DY Holdings, Tokyo


  • Aegis Group, London
  • AKQA, London
  • Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London
  • Chime Communications plc, London
  • Fred & Farid Group, Paris, France
  • Havas, Puteaux, France
  • M&C Saatchi, London
  • Stuart Hirst Limited, Leeds, UK

North America

  • 22squared, Atlanta
  • 360i, New York City
  • aQuantive, Seattle
  • Axis41, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • BBDO, New York City
  • BKV, Atlanta
  • Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Sausalito
  • Cossette Communication Group, Quebec City
  • Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, Florida
  • DDB Worldwide, New York City
  • Deutsch Inc., New York City
  • Digitas, Boston, Massachusetts
  • DeVito/Verdi, New York City
  • Empower Media Marketing, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago, Illinois
  • Grey Advertising, New York City
  • GSD&M, Austin, Texas
  • Google, Mountain View, California
  • iProspect, Boston, Massachusetts
  • JWT, New York City
  • Leo Burnett Worldwide, Chicago, Illinois
  • Le Site, Montréal, Canada
  • McGarryBowen, New York City
  • MDC Partners, Toronto/New York City
  • Merkle, Lanham, Maryland
  • Moxie, Atlanta
  • Ogilvy & Mather, New York City
  • R/GA, New York City
  • Richards Group, Dallas
  • RPA, Santa Monica
  • Sapient, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sid Lee, Montreal
  • Team One, Playa Vista, Los Angeles
  • Tombras Group, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • WB Doner & Company, Southfield, Michigan
  • Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Oregon
  • Miller Group, Los Angeles, California

Online advertising has greater Advantage than the disadvantage for agencies that is why every business person in this present generation is advised to bring in online marketing strategy so as to make more profit especially those who have an online shop.


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