LinkedIn Premium Business | Free Accounts and Premium Subscriptions


LinkedIn Premium Business, Free Accounts and Premium Subscriptions

LinkedIn Premium Business: This doesn’t come cheap, but according to subscribers, the service is well worth the money. The new features and improved access to data, analytics and training is targeted to win over even the most skeptical LinkedIn user.

LinkedIn Premium Business plans aren’t cheap, and they’re not an easy sell for most of the users. But still, a huge number of people pay for the service on a monthly basis. Why do they pay various amounts per month for access to the special features and data that the service provides? And more importantly, should you?

About LinkedIn Premium Business

LinkedIn Premium Business acts as a sort of exclusive club for job seekers, recruiters and sales professionals, and the fees can be considered vanity costs. Some users mostly decide to return back to the free version of it, but many others continue to pay for the LinkedIn Premium Business even after they accomplish their specific goals.

In February 2017, following the company’s acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn added new features to its LinkedIn Premium Business subscription plans, designed to make better use of both existing and new data sets. The company has recently surpassed 575 million registered users recently, added more news duration with top trending stories in May 2017, and made further adjustments to the message interface in July 2018.

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These new adjustments helped to increase the value of the LinkedIn Premium Business and are targeted at improving the outcomes delivered through LinkedIn data on businesses directly, careers and education, says Gyanda Sachdeva, the vice president of product management and head of LinkedIn Premium Business subscription products. “The goal for us on the team is to deliver a more direct economic outcome to our members who use our services”.

What to expect from LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium is offered in four tiers, ranging from $29.99 to $59.99 per month for job seekers, $79.99 per month for sales professionals and $119.95 per month for recruiters. Annual billing offers slight discounts.

The base version, Premium Career, is aimed at job seekers who are willing to spend $29.99 a month, or $239.88 annually, for three InMail messages (messages that can be sent to any LinkedIn user, no connection necessary), additional details on the people who view their profiles, and more tools to help make those profiles stand out to recruiters.

The next tier of Premium Business includes 15 internal mail messages, an advanced search filter, unlimited searches in your extended network, and more additional company data. Premium The Business is available for $59.99 per month, or $575.88 when billed on annual basis.

Why Premium is worth the money

LinkedIn Premium’s Sales Navigator version gives you a lead-builder tool, lead recommendations and real-time insights on existing accounts and leads, as well as 20 InMail messages for $79.99 per month, or $779.88 as a one-time annual payment. Sales Navigator also comes in a multi-seat version, Sales Navigator Team, which includes 30 InMail messages, 25 Out-of-Network profile unlocks, 10 Point-Drive presentations and more. Sales Navigator Enterprise also includes Sales force integration capabilities.

LinkedIn Free Accounts and Premium Subscriptions

LinkedIn Premium offers a Basic (free) account as well as Premium Subscriptions which can be tried for free for one month.

Basic (free) account

The LinkedIn Basic account is for anyone who wishes to create and maintain a great professional profile online. Using the Basic account, you can:

  • Build your professional identity on the web.
  • Build and maintain a wide range of trusted professional network for business.
  • Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.
  • Request and provide recommendations.
  • Search and view the profiles of other members on LinkedIn that may be good for business.
  • Receive unlimited InMail messages.
  • Save up to three searches and get weekly alerts on those searches.

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Premium Subscription Plans

LinkedIn has the options for Premium accounts for job seekers, sales and talent professionals, and also, the general professionals who wish to get more out of LinkedIn for business. If you want to upgrade from a free account, you can compare among the account types described below and make a choice:

  • Become hired and stay ahead with the Premium Career.
  • Generate leads and build your clientele with Sales Navigator.
  • Find and hire talent with Recruiter Lite.
  • Get a detailed business insight with Premium Business and expand your business.
  • Improve your business skills and even learn new skills with LinkedIn Learning.

Note: The Premium Essentials subscription plan is also available in some regions. It’s designed for members who want to actively develop their careers.

Try Premium for Free

If you’d like to explore the features of LinkedIn Premium subscription plans, you can try Premium for free for one month:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click Try Premium Free for 1 Month from the drop-down.
    • This option is also available on the Settings & Privacy page, under the Subscriptions and payments section of the Account
    • You can view the free trial eligibility determined on log-in message by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Explore and select the plan that best meets your needs.
  4. Follow the prompts on the page to complete your upgrade.


  • You’re required to input a credit card number to get the free trial.
  • Your free trial expires exactly one month after it’s redeemed. It’ll convert to a paid subscription and your card will be charged if you don’t cancel your trial before it expires.
  • Billing cycles for free trials and billing charges are based on the date and time that the subscription was activated, in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
  • To avoid getting charged, you’ll need to cancel at least one day before your trial ends. You can confirm the billing date from your Premium settings page.
  • If you’ve used a free Premium subscription trial, you won’t be eligible for another free trial for at least 12 months.


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