5 Best Life Insurance Companies in USA | Life Insurance Companies

5 Best Life Insurance Companies in USA | Life Insurance Companies

Top Life Insurance Companies in USA

Life Insurance Companies in USA: The United States of America, plays host to over 800 life insurance companies in USA, and you may be wondering, where do I start from?

That is why we are here, to save you from spending months comparing quotes and analyzing ratings without even being certain as to whether you have chosen the right company.

Even though most of these insurance companies vary in their offerings and history, one thing in common, they offer some of the most affordable, helpful coverage with the best life insurance products in the market and also have high ratings from major credit rating agencies in their coffers.

Life insurance companies differ one from another with their rates which depends on the type of insurance product you purchase and other factors. Note, also that the best life insurance, does not necessarily mean cheap.

Now, let’s guide you on finding a coverage that fits you :

  • Banner Life – With Banner Life insurance company, you have three basic life insurance product options to choose from. They include term, whole life, and universal life – with relatively few options for customization.

The product offerings on Banner Life are straight forward and simple. It is one of the few insurance companies who focuses almost strictly on just growing their business via life insurance products. Banner Life is owned by Legal & General America.

  • Haven Life – Haven Life is one of the top rated life insurance company in the U.S. This company has its area of specialty in offering only term life insurance policies and utilizes an online application process without personal interaction with a traditional agent.

This company is geared at offering affordable, easy-to-manage term life insurance policies online without the usual stress of insurance shopping.

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Although Haven Life is quite a newbie in the world of insurance, it is well supported by the well established MassMutual. Apart from offering solid services and competitive rates, Haven Life also has one of the fastest applications and approval processes in the market.

  • MetLife – MetLife insurance is well recognized provider in the United States and the world at large. It offers options which includes term, whole life, universal, variable, and survivorship plans.

MetLife further makes things less complicated, by offering a simplified issue term life insurance which does not require applicants to get a medical exam. This is actually good news to those who have health-related issues, which might make a medically underwritten policy too expensive or impossible to purchase.

  • Prudential – Prudential, manages more than $1 trillion in assets for clients globally. It is a long standing, top life insurance company offering a number of different policy options, like term and permanent coverage. Prudential’s permanent coverage includes universal, indexed universal, variable universal, and survivorship universal life insurance.
  • AIG – Adjudged to be the world’s largest insurance organization with more than 49,000 employees and clients in over 80 countries and jurisdictions, AIG has secured a place for itself in the world of insurance. AIG seems to be “the bigger, the better” according all four ratings agencies.

Tips on how to Choose the Best Life Insurance Companies in USA

The following factors should guide you when trying to make a decision on life insurance purchase.

  • The financial strength of the company
  • Customer service
  • Types of policy
  • Policy options and add-ons
  • Company size.

By now I believe that you know the best life insurance companies to work with out of these Top Life Insurance Companies in USA. Hope you found this interesting.


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