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Install Facebook Messenger App

Install Facebook Messenger App: Get in touch with friends and family. Facebook Messenger is an official messaging service of the social media network which enables Facebook users to chat with friends and family in a real-life scenario.

Facebook has designed a standalone chat app that lets users interacts with friends and family so easily. With the new Facebook messenger app, Facebook users can now enjoy more than sending and receiving chats. The messenger app has been updated with exciting features which includes; voice calls, video calls, GIFs and chat colors and lastly the story feature.

Advantages of the Facebook Messenger

Thanks to the Facebook messenger app, you cannot just send and receive text conversation alone, you can also schedule plans, play games, and personalize the app to make it look more attractive and unique. Below are some benefits of the Facebook messenger:

  • While chatting, you can personalize your chatbox.
  • The Facebook messenger app also enables you to create group chats.
  • Allows you to send document files to friends.

So it’s said that whatsoever has an advantage also has a disadvantage. There are also disadvantages of the Facebook messenger. Let’s talk about it.

Disadvantages of the Facebook Messenger

  • The Facebook messenger is cluttered with too many features and it becomes too boring for some users.
  • Making voice calls and video calls via the Facebook messenger consumes a large amount of data.
  • It is impossible to check Facebook notifications via the messenger app.

The Facebook messenger is a separate app from the official Facebook app. It’s major objective is to make things more convenient and efficient for its users by offering them more than just the basic chat functions.

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Just like every other messaging app, the Facebook messenger app let’s you share images and your locations. You can configure Facebook messenger to receive sounds and vibrating alerts every time you receive a chat message.

However, Facebook messenger app enables it’s users communicate effectively with friends and family faster, from anywhere and at any time.

How to Install Facebook Messenger App on Android

Facebook Messenger is available for Android devices, iPhones, and Windows devices. Follow the steps below to install Facebook messenger on your devices:

  • Visit Google play store app on your Android device.
  • Search for the Facebook messenger app.
  • Select the messenger app from the results listed.
  • Tap the install button.
  • Review the required permission and then tap the Accept button and then wait for the app to download.
  • Launch the Facebook messenger app on your device.
  • Login with your Facebook account.

You can also login without a Facebook account, simply tap the Not on Facebook tab on the login screen, then;

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter the code sent to you via SMS.
  • Then Enter your name – start using Facebook messenger.

You’re good to go. You can now enjoy all exciting features of the Facebook messenger app.

Remember, to install and use the Facebook Messenger app on your device, you must have a regular WiFi connection.


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