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Install Facebook Lite on Android

Install Facebook Lite on Android: Facebook Lite Install Free Download – Download Facebook Lite Free. To solve the problem of the standard Facebook version that sucks more battery from your Android devices, there’s a better solution which is more efficient and very effective: the Facebook lite app.

Talking about the Facebook lite application, it is the lighter version of the standard Android Facebook app which was developed especially for developing countries where mobile internet connection is not always available.

The Facebook lite app was first launched in the year 2015 as an Android app, the Facebook lite app was initially limited to few countries like; India, Sri Lanka, e.t.c. the app is now available in developed countries like; the United States, Britain, e.t.c.

Features of the Facebook lite app

Unlike the standard Facebook application, the Facebook lite app has been updated with more exciting features you won’t like to miss out on them. These features include;

  • It enables face-to-face messages even with the smallest amount of bandwidth.
  • It uses less RAM, CPU, and data connection.
  • Also it is designed to offer its users access to all the basic functions of the site.
  • The application can run on low-speed internet connection.
  • Facebook lite app now has the story feature where you can instantly upload a story of yourself.
  • Lastly, the Facebook lite app works very fast and efficiently so you can spend more time on it.

However, the Facebook lite app is basically designed to be simple and it has a very friendly user interface.

Facebook lite App Size and Battery Usage

Facebook lite app is much smaller and less complex for low cost mobile devices than the standard Facebook app. The standard Facebook app from Android playstore device is about 162mb while the latest version of Facebook lite app is just 4.5mb, unbelievable but it’s very true.

The Facebook lite version is lighter on your Android device battery; it consumes less battery compared to the standard Facebook app.

Facebook lite App Install on Your Android Device

Moving on to the topic of the day, a lot of people most especially Facebook users do not know how to install the Facebook lite app on their Android device. If you’re one of them and you’re reading this article, you need not panic anymore we got the right solution to your problem.

Facebook lite app is only available on Android devices, to download and install, simply do the following;

  • Visit your Android device Google playstore.
  • Search for the Facebook lite app using the search button.
  • Select the Facebook lite app for on the suggested search results.
  • Click the install tab
  • Tap open once the app is completely installed on your device.
  • Enter your login details for your Facebook account in the space provided, and then tap the log in button.

Anybody with a better Android device can use the Facebook lite app anywhere and at any time. The Facebook lite app is appropriate for cheaper Android d vices with limited processing power, storage space, and mobile data plans.


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