How To Use Your Android As A Credit Card – Steps


Use Your Android As A Credit Card

How To Use Your Android As A Credit Card – Credit card is one of the easiest payment tools which enables easy transactions of a large amount of money and helps minimizes your loss. Credit cards work in places that accept credit card via a credit card machine.

If you have a smartphone (be it Android or iPhone) that has an internet connection, you can use the smartphone to take creditcard payments provided there’s an internet connection. This article is going to teach you how to use your Android device as a credit card.

As a business merchant, you need a mobile payment app and a card reader to be able to use your Android device as a creditcard. The card reader is plugged to your device and the app is activated.

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Steps To Use Your Device As A Credit Card

To use your Android device as a creditcard, you need to first download the mobile payment app to your device. Follow the steps below to do so;

  • Open your Android Google play store.
  • Enter “Android pay” keyword in the search bar.
  • Click on the Android pay app.
  • Click install.

The app downloads into your Android device, once it downloads and installs, you can add a creditcard to it to function well. To add a creditcard, you need to have a card reader that allows you to scan your card.

Add A Credit Card To Your Android Device

  • Launch the Android pay app to your device.
  • Click add a creditcard.
  • Place your card facing up towards your Android device.
  • Wait for your creditcard to scan.
  • Unlock your phone if prompted.
  • Click save
  • Scroll down and click accept.

Once you add a card to the Android pay app, you can now use your Android device as a creditcard. You will see and Android pay option in many online sites. You can tap this option to pay using your Android device Android pay app.

Getting started with the Android pay app is relatively straight forward, but there are few things you need to know about using your Android device as a credit card when buying stuff online or at a retail store.

Accept Credit Card Payments In Your Android Phones

With a card reader and payment app in your Android phone, you can accept creditcard payments anywhere you go provided you have a working internet connection.

As a business merchant, you will be able to process and authorize transactions instantly, as well as allow customers to sign and receive email receipts right from your Android phone.

The Android pay app works on phones and tablets. Using Android version 4.4 and above, you can manage all of your credit cards and other payment information through the Android pay app on your Android.

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Note; always make sure you update your existing version of the Android pay app from your Android Google play store to enable you view exciting features of the app.

Now you know how to use your Android device as a credit card. Hope you found this interesting. Thanks!!


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