How to Use Google News | Making Use of Google News


How to Access and Use Google News

How to Use Google News: First and foremost what is google news? Google news is an online way of getting news directly from Google. Are you tired of getting news from other news website and they just feel boring? Or maybe you are just tired of getting one particular news over and over again and you just want to try something new. Well luckily for you, you can get new, latest and trending and updated news from an entirely new platform “google”. With this, you are so lucky to get trending news sent directly to your account. So now the question is up to you, are you ready to start using google news. If you are tired of always buying the newspaper and you want to start using this platform then these steps below are for you.

Benefits of Using the Platform

With google news as your daily newspaper, you can save costs by simply not buying a newspaper anymore. You just need to have an active data connection and an active data subscription to start viewing news online. And the best part is that you do not need to have a Gmail account for you to start viewing news online.


What You Need to Use the Platform

Well in accessing and using this platform or feature online then you must first acquire or obtain some items and these items are listed underneath.

  • First and foremost you must get, acquire or obtain a pc(personal computer), desktop or palmtop that can access and use the internet smoothly without any issues
  • Secondly, you must get an active data connection either from a modem, mobile hotspot or cellular data
  • And lastly, you must get an active data subscription from the source of the data connection

When you are done with acquiring all of the items, then you can possibly proceed with how to accessing and using google news.

How to Access Google News

You can access this amazing feature of Google when you have a device that can access the internet. Also, you should have an active data connection and data subscription. Simply charge and boot the device. Wait a few minutes, refresh the device and open the device web browser. On the web, you just opened, type in the URL and search. Wait a few minutes and that is it, you are done. You just accessed the page. To turn on notification just click on the bell icon and enable notifications.

That’s it you are done.


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