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How do You Sell Your Product on Amazon

So many people or users have been looking at how to sell their products on the online market. This article on how to sell your product on Amazon has been one of the most difficult things for people who are making use of Amazon online platform. People prefer selling their products on offline markets than selling them on the online market because it is hard for them to sell on the online stores most especially Amazon. Selling your products through Amazon is the fastest and easiest way of selling your product.

Most businessmen or women do not go to their store in the market to sell their goods anymore, what they do is to sit back at home and get their goods sold on online marketing platforms. You don’t need to open shops like one of the offline markets before you can sell on Amazon. What you just need to do is to create your Amazon account and you can start selling your product on it. How can you create the Amazon account, that is what both of us are going to look at now?

How to Create an Amazon Business Account

Creating an Amazon business account is the same thing as creating an account on Amazon. These are ways you can search on how to create an account on Amazon on the internet. Follow the step below and you will be able to create your personal business account on Amazon.

  • Go to your browser on your system or device and visit
  • The website will enable you to access its home page.
  • Click on account and lists at the top of the screen.
  • Then tap create an Amazon account and enter your name. And the email address and password.
  • Confirm the password on the second box below and click create account button.

After applying this step, you will be able to sign up an account on the Amazon online store for free. After creating the account, you can now start selling your products on Amazon because that is what we are looking for.

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How Do I Sell My Products on Amazon

This is our key heading in this article. And that is what we are going to be facing now on this part of the article. I am not going to list them out like I used to, I am putting the steps inside the article so while reading, read carefully to get the details. Now, after you might have created the account. Go to your account by clicking on the account and lists on the screen. Then move down to “other programs” you will see “your seller account” and click on it.

Tap on the start selling button. And you will be directed to a new page where you have to fill some box. There are five (5) steps on that page. Just follow the steps on the screen and you can now list the products that you want to sell on the platform. These are all that you need to know to enable you to sell on the Amazon online store.


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