How to see Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook


See Hidden Photos on Facebook

People don’t really know How to see Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook. But this Facebook as we all know is one of the biggest social networking platforms with over millions of users all over the world who post contents such as photos, videos etc. every day. Having a Facebook account could be stressful as there’s a probability that hiding a photo from your timeline would be of help as you do not want the picture to go viral.

Hidden pictures on Facebook means pictures that are hidden to certain people but not to everyone, this doesn’t mean that you can’t see someone’s private pictures so if you are not friends with a particular person then you cannot see pictures where they are tagged by their friends even when those pictures are public.

Facebook graph search has made it easy for people to creep on anyone even when they are not friends with them and also find so many photos where they are tagged in. the following are guides on how you can see hidden photos of people on Facebook and users are advised to follow the steps given to them correctly so as to get an accurate result.

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Guides on how to see Hidden Pictures of Someone on Facebook

There are two methods which can give you good results. The first method

  • Log into your account on Facebook
  • Go to the timeline of the person whose pictures you want to see.
  • Find the numeric Facebook ID of the person; to do this you can visit the website which pulls up the Facebook ID of the person by its Facebook profile URL;
  • And instantly you will get to see hidden photos of the person

The second method on How to see Hidden Pictures of Someone on Facebook

  • Visit
  • When you there, visit your friend’s user’s timeline
  • Click on the picture mate icon which is at the right top corner
  • When you do that, it instantly finds Facebook ID and performs the graph search for you

Choose any of the methods and see hidden pictures of your friend on Facebook. Just follow the guide to know How to see Hidden Photos of Someone on Facebook.


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