How To Report Credit Card Fraud | Protect Yourself From Card Frauds


Protect Yourself From Credit Card Frauds

How To Report Credit Card Fraud: If you lose your credit card or it has been stolen from you, your credit card can be used to make purchases without your consent—the process of making a purchase without a cardholder’s consent is known as credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud is any transaction that is not authorized by the original cardholder. Credit card fraud can happen at any time even when your credit card is within your custody. It is advised to always check your credit card accounts and stay updated about the transactions that occur in your account.

How To Report Credit Card Fraud To keep your Card Protected

Let’s see some ways on How To Report Credit Card Fraud and they include;

  • Calling your credit card providers.
  • Make use of the action frauds online tool.
  • Report to the police.
  • Contact any credit card agencies.

As a credit cardholder, your credit card has online protection against fraudulent activities but not all credit card has this protection feature. So immediately you notice fraudulent activity on your credit card account, you have to quickly alert your credit card providers within 60 days after the fraudulent transactions.

If by any chance you notice that your credit card account has been tampered with, quickly contact the credit card company and close the credit card account or change the password of the account to a new and unique password.

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Failure to report the fraudulent activity to the credit card providers will warrant further investigations by the card provider and this might cost a whole lot.

When you want Report Credit Card Fraud, you should be well prepared to State the following in your reports;

  • The date of the fraud transaction.
  • The amount deducted from your credit card account.
  • And also The name of the fraudster, if available.

It is advisable to always take a screenshot or print out the fraudulent page you received to keep records of the above needed to report a credit card fraud.

However, many credit card issuers will immediately issue a refund to you after you file your report and it may take some days to refund back your money.

Protect Yourself From Credit Card Frauds

For the past few years, many credit card holders complain of fraudulent acts that are carried out on their credit card accounts without them noticing and it has become a nightmare to many cardholders. For this reason, our team has made a thorough research on how a credit cardholder can protect themselves from credit card frauds.

Here are the simple tips On how to Protect your Credit Card

  • First, update your credit card personal information.
  • Ensure to use the latest payment options like the Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay and so on. These payment options have better security features.

Lastly, always use secured websites to make purchases. Be very observant of the web address, a secured web address begins with – “https”, so be alert.


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