How To Pay A Credit Bill With Another Card | Simple ways


Credit Bill Payments With A Different Credit Card

How To Pay A Credit Bill With Another Credit Card: Depending on how much credit card bills you owe and how long you have left to pay off the bills, you may consider to pay off the bills with a personal loan for sure or with another credit card.

Now the question is – can I pay a credit card bill with another credit card? This question seems impossible but be happy because it’s very possible to pay off a credit card bill with another different credit card.

Most credit cards providers will never give you the direct access to pay a credit cards bills with different credit cards but there are other ways it can be done too.

This simply means you can’t pay a Visa card debt with a MasterCard be, the reason is because if a particular credit card provider should accept paying off bills with another credit card.

The credit card provider will have to pay an interchange fee to the credit card bank and credit card network provider which can be more expensive.

A credit card bill can be paid with another credit card in 3 different ways;

  • via cash withdrawal.
  • via e-wallet.
  • or via balance transfer.

The three solutions listed above can be a great help to pay a credit card bill with another credit card, but the best of them all I via the balance transfer.

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Pay A Credit Card Bill With A Credit Card Via A Balance Transfer

To use the balance transfer method to pay for credit cards bills, you need to bear this in mind;

  • There’s always a fee attached to every balance transfer you make.
  • The balance transfer process might affect a credit card score.
  • You might be charged interest on outstanding balances on a credit card.

Paying off credit card bill with another credit card via the balance transfer method simply means carrying your credit card debts to another credit card to be able to pay it off.

If you’re having a huge credit card bills to pay and you find it difficult paying off the bills to another credit card that offers cheaper interest rate can be of great help.

In other to use another credit card to pay for a different credit card bill, you need to sit back and possibly der about your financial status before making a decision.

There are certain questions you need to ask yourself and they include;

  • How do I spend my credit card money?
  • Am I capable enough to cover my bills?
  • How many bills do I have to pay?.

These questions are what you’re supposed to be worrying about when you want to pay credit card bills with another credit card.

There are two credit cards that offer less interest on balance transfers and they are; the Discover credit card and the Chase Slate credit card. The credit card offers 0% interest rates on balance transfers.


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