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How to Buy Something From eBay

How to Buy Something From eBay: If you are new to online buying and selling websites like eBay you might find it a bit tricky to know how to buy something from eBay. Firstly eBay is an online auction website that deals with buying and selling of various categories of Items, you can easily navigate and browse through the available categories of items on eBay to search for items you are interested in.

Once you’ve seen an item you are interested in and wish to purchase, click on it to view details of the item. On the detail page of every item there will be a picture of the item, description, payments and shipping options.

To know how to buy something from eBay you should first place a bid on that item which means that you have automatically signed up to an agreement to buy that item if you win the auction.

In addition, there’s always a minimum or starting bidding price, meaning, that particular item cannot be sold at a lower price. Some sellers may also wish to set a fixed price for their items, in such cases there is no necessary need for auctions.

How to Buy Something From eBay with Paypal

Paypal is a common method of payment or checkout in most online shopping websites. To be able to make payments with PayPal on eBay you must first link your PayPal account to your eBay account.

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This can be done from your eBay account settings. When on your eBay account settings page, just click on PayPal account and select link PayPal account; sign in to your PayPal account to complete the linking process, and then follow the steps below to know how to buy something from eBay with PayPal as a payment method

  1. After selecting all items you want to purchase (from either the auctions or the items with fixed prices) move forward to the checkout process
  2. At the checkout choose PayPal as a method of payment and enter all necessary required information.

You can choose to save these payment details and information to make payment easier and faster when next you want to check out.

With Debit Card

Debit card is another popular payment method used in all online shopping platforms including eBay. You don’t necessarily need to use credit cards or PayPal to checkout on eBay. Follow these steps carefully to know how to buy something from eBay with debit card

  1. Select the items you want to purchase and ensure the seller accepts debit card as a payment method then proceed to checkout
  2. Click on pay now and choose debit card as a payment method.
  3. Provide your debit card information and confirm payment to finish transaction

Note: not all sellers accept debit cards so be sure to check the details of the item you are buying to see the accepted payment options.

Buy and Sell with eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds are free local classified advertising which is a fast, easy, and safe way to buy and sell right in your own local community. eBay Classifieds helps people find whatever they’re looking for in their local communities. It helps make a difference by creating a world where people share more and waste less.

eBay Classifieds Benefits

It is a medium where you can sell those bulky items that are too expensive to package and ship, like that leather recliner sofa that you must sell or the solid rosewood china cabinet that simply doesn’t work in your new place.

Job opportunities, services you offered, apartments for rent and so much more can be posted.

List items and see what you’re looking for fast with a great new interface.

How to Use eBay Classifieds as Buyer

  • Go to the eBay classifieds websites
  • Choose your location from the list of available locations. If your location is a major city you can select that, other than that, select a state or region first.
  • You can browse via the categories to find a listing that interests you or use the search box at top of the page to conduct a keyword search.
  • Use the map “map it” link if you’re interested in the closeness to ensure that the item/service/person is acceptably close to you.
  • Tap on the prominent “Reply by Email” link at the upper-right of any listing to write an email to the seller/provider expressing your interest, or use the phone number in some listings to give the person a call.
  • Arrange to meet and go from there.

How to Use eBay Classifieds as a Seller

  • Go to the eBay classifieds website
  • Choose your location from the list of available locations. If a major city is your location, you can simply choose that, otherwise you’ll need to choose a state or region first.
  • Tap on the “post your free ad” option at the upper-right of the page.
  • Choose the appropriate category for your ad from the options provided.
  • Enter the relatively simple form that follows for items in that category.
  • Tap on the “Preview your ad” option, to see a preview of what it will look like, and then “Post” if it appeals to you.
  • Go through with the email confirmation instructions to confirm that you are a real person with a real email address.
  • All complete!!!! Your ad is all complete and will pop up online.

eBay classifieds is always family-friendly-no adult content or personals and it’s free!!!


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