How To Block A Credit Card | Temporarily Block Your Credit Card


Temporarily Block Your Credit Card

How To Block A Credit Card: Blocking credit cards become necessary only when it’s misplaced, stolen, or when you find any suspicious transactions on your credit card. Immediate blocking of a credit card helps you prevent more transactions taking place on your credit card, so the earlier you report a lost or stolen credit card, the better for you.

Many credit card issuers companies give it’s users the great opportunity to block a lost or stolen credit card, users can temporarily block credit cards but if the credit card doesn’t turn up within 2 working days (maybe you can’t find the credit card anywhere around your home), then you have to report the credit card as stolen or lost credit card.

There are very ways one can lose his or her credit card, you might forget your card at a checkout counter where you purchased something or it might just fall out from your purse without you knowing about it.

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A credit card gives you faster access to lot of things and that is why it is very important to keep the credit cards well secured.

What to Do immediately Your Credit Card Gets Missing

As advised by all banks, you should never share his or her card details such as card pin, card number, card credit limit with anyone. Banks have common ways for blocking a credit card and they include;

  • Calling a customer care department.
  • Online banking service.
  • Using banks app.

From the 2nd paragraph above, if your credit card doesn’t turn up within the range of 2 working days, then it is advisable you report the credit card as lost or stolen to avoid any misuse of the credit card. You can report your credit card as lost or stolen and request for a new credit card with a new number printed on it.

Getting a new credit card as fast as possible depends on your card creditor. Some creditors may ask you to wait for 7-10 working days to process the card and ship it directly to your address.

Temporarily Disable Your Card

To temporarily block/deactivate your credit card, while you keep searching for it simply follows the steps below;

  • Log into your online account or call your card creditor service.
  • Click service request.
  • Navigate to the account management section.
  • Enter a reason to block the credit card.
  • Click on lock your card.

If eventually, you find the credit card around your home, you can also unblock the credit card via your online account or calling your creditor customer.

However, it is a good idea to follow up on the card issuer’s investigations after reporting the credit card as lost or stolen. Check your credit card statement and also your insurance coverage.


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