How Much Does Payoneer Charge | Payoneer Charges and Fees


Payoneer Charges and Fees

How much does Payoneer charge? Do you know? If you don’t know, then you are in luck. Today in this article I will be telling you of the various fees Payoneer charges. You might be surprised as to if Payoneer is a free platform? Yes, Payoneer is a free platform but to some extent. Payoneer is an online money transfer platform, yes. So let me ask you a question? How does a platform like Payoneer make money?

How Much Does Payoneer Charge

It is free to create a Payoneer account, but when making transactions on the platform, you may be charged according to the type of transaction you are making and also according to your regions and currency. To go further in this article, I will be telling you what Payoneer is and the various fees you will be charged for making transactions.

What Is Payoneer

Payoneer is an online monetary transaction platform. On this platform, you can easily send and receive money globally from companies and individuals alike. With Payoneer, you can also make purchases from online marketplaces that have set up Payoneer as a payment option. This platform is globally recognized and used. This platform charges low fees. One of the benefits of this platform is that its transactions are fast. You can withdraw from your Payoneer account and you can also request a Payoneer card.

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How to Create a Payoneer Account

Creating a Payoneer account is free, fast and easy. To create an account, go to On the Payoneer web page, click on the register tab. Follow the on-screen instructions from the next page to successfully create your account. The sign-up process on Payoneer consists of four stages. You will need to complete these four steps to successfully create your account.

Payoneer Charges and Fees – How Much Does Payoneer Charge

Below are the charges and fees charged for Payoneer Transactions.

  • From another Payoneer account – free
  • Receiving funds – free, USD 0.1%
  • Directly from your customers – 3% on credit card on all currencies, 1% ACH bank debit (USD)
  • Marketplaces and networks – fees vary with each marketplace or website.
  • Withdraw to your local bank account – 2% above the mid-market rate.
  • Withdraw to a bank account in the same currency – USD1.50, EUR 1.50, GBP 1.50.
  • To pay suppliers and contractors via ACH bank, credit card and bank transfer – ACH bank debit 1%, credit card 3%, and local bank transfer 1%.
  • Pay your suppliers and contractors from your Payoneer balance – free.
  • Pay to a bank account in the same currency – USD 1.50, EUR 1.50, GBP 1.50.
  • Manage currencies with Payoneer – 0.5% of the amount to transfer.

These are the transfer fees on this platform, now you know.


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