Gmail Logout Button | How to Remove Gmail Account from your Browser


How to Remove Gmail Account from your Browser

Gmail Logout Button: This article is going to teach about the Gmail log out button. You know you can logout from Gmail through the website and in the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad and also from android. Your Gmail account is home to more than just emails. When you log into your Gmail account you are opening access to other Google products like YouTube, the Play Store and Drive that you are signed into.

Gmail Logout Button

Logging out of your Gmail account makes it hard for others to have access to your account. Gmail log out button is just your profile icon which you click on to sign out with desktop but I will be telling you different ways to sign out of your Gmail account. You can sign out of your Gmail account with your PC, your iPhone, and Android devices.

How to sign out of Gmail on Desktop

Signing out of Gmail on the desktop is very easy to do and you do not need any skill to do this. All you need is an internet connection and you are set to go.

  • On your Gmail account click on your profile icon. It the circle icon with your name initial or picture if you have to change it.
  • On the menu that drops down click on sign out.

And you will be logout from the Gmail account.

How to sign out of Gmail on iPhone

Logging out of your Gmail from your iPhone is also easy and simple especially when you are already used to your phone.

  • Open the Gmail app on your iPhone device.
  • Click on the menu icon on that look like three lines.
  • Tap on the upside triangle and click on manage accounts.
  • After that tap on edit and then tap on remove on the account you want to remove.
  • Tap remove when prompted to do so again and the account will be removed.

Tap on done and your account has successfully been signed out of the Gmail app.

How to sign out of Gmail on Android

You cannot have full access to your android device without linking your Gmail account. Signing out from your Gmail app means you are removing a particular Gmail account.

  • Go to the settings app of your android device.
  • Open the accounts section and click on Google.
  • Select the account you will like to remove. You cannot remove the account used in setting up your android device.
  • Locate the remove option and the remove option will be visible or if it is not clicked on the three horizontal dots at the top of your screen.

Following the above-listed steps, you have now successfully signed out of your Gmail account with your Android device.

How to Remove Gmail Account from your Browser

Removing a Gmail account from the browser is relatively easy.

  • Sign out of your Gmail account.
  • This will take you to choose an account page. Click on remove an account at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the x button at the corner of the account you want to remove.
  • Confirm delete when prompt and click ok.

Now you have successfully removed an account from your Gmail browser.


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