Gmail Facebook Login | Login to Facebook Using Your Gmail Account


Gmail Facebook Login

Gmail Facebook Login: Do more with Facebook by linking your Facebook account with your Gmail account.  You might be surprised to know that there’s an easy way to access your Facebook account via your Gmail account.

If you’re a Facebook and Gmail user, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook has made it necessary to use Facebook on the Gmail page – this means that you cannot use your Gmail details to login to your Facebook account. But before you can access Facebook on Gmail, there are few things you have to know, of which are;

  • You need to own a registered Facebook account.
  • Have an active and legit Gmail account.
  • Lastly, remember to link your Facebook account to your Gmail account.

Link my Facebook account to my Gmail account

But how can that be done? It’s very simple to link both Facebook and Gmail accounts together. Follow the process below to learn more;

  • Login to your Gmail account with your Gmail login details.
  • Click on settings at the top right hand of the screen.
  • Click the last tab.
  • Locate Add any gadget by URL.
  • Select and enable the option in No.4.
  • Click and save changes at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, click expand and you’ll be directed d to the Facebook connect page.
  • Click the Facebook connect button.

Linking the both accounts together will require permission to access your accounts. Click the allow button that appears on your screen.

Benefits of Gmail Facebook Login for Business Merchants

One major advantage of linking your Facebook account to your Gmail account is that it helps to widen your business network by helping you reach a greater number of customers. It also promotes your products and gives your company a high profile online.

Facebook lets you link multiple email addresses to a Facebook account; you can login to your Facebook account through any connected email address. One of the email address is known as the primary email address (Facebook and Facebook apps emails regarding your account to the primary email), while the other is known as the secondary email address (the secondary email addresses helps improve security in your Facebook account).

So many people keep asking questions about Facebook and Google, some say it’s impossible to use Facebook on Google or even use Google on Facebook because they are two different entities. But I tell you verily it is 99.9% possible.

How to Change Facebook Security Settings

To change Facebook security settings;

  • Click at the top right of any Facebook page, and  select “Settings”
  • Then, in the left column, tap on “Timeline and Tagging”
  • Look for the setting that says “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your Timeline”
  • Then, click on “Edit” at the far right side of your screen.

Facebook offers some privacy settings, from which you can easily control and keep tabs of your status and access your private details.

How to Reset Facebook Security Setting

  • Use the “Followers” button to turn following on or off, to enable non-friends to see your public content.
  • Choose the “Apps” button to reset your preferences for applications you and other Facebook members’ use.
  • Tap “Edit” links to change “Settings” for individual apps or tap the “X” to get the app removed entirely.

Facebook and Google Mail, Are They Related?

Facebook and Google are the two most frequently used sites in the world. This Facebook is a social network service that provides its users with related links pages, while Google is a web information service that provides its users with both traffic details and related links.

Getting a Google account enables you to access all of Google mail tools and other Google services. However, you with your Google mail account you can access your Facebook account without entering additional login details. Google mail immediately directs you to your Facebook page without stress.


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