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Gmail Archive Folder

Gmail Archive Folder: Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers that are being used. It enables users to communicate and interact with friends, family members, business associates, clients on their devices with internet connection. It is used by millions of users for their email services and has awesome features that give users that awesome email experience.

Feature of Gmail Account

Gmail falls into the set of email service providers that gives a user what he/she wants from an email platform. Gmail is powered by Google and enable users to send and receive messages to other email addresses for free. You can also get updates about your social media platforms, banks, updates from your company or business, friends and whatever that is your concern and is connected to your Gmail.

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Most users patronize this platform because of its wide range of features and the awesome services it offers. Gmail is totally free and easy to use, all you need is internet connection and your login details or the app and you are good to go.

Benefits of Gmail Archive Folder

You may wish not to see certain mails any more on your Gmail inbox page or you might just want to hide them temporarily, the Gmail archive folder contains all these messages till whenever you decide to access them. Gmail just gives you a personalized email where you can handle your mail however you want; delete emails, archive emails, mark emails as read, or star emails.

This is what makes it your own personal account; your ability to organize and use mails whatever way you want. Just with a touch of your finger you can have your mail looking exactly the way you want it. Gmail Archive Folder helps you organize your inbox by moving messages to all mail labels. It doesn’t mean you are deleting the messages, but rather you are keeping them in a file or folder for safe keeping and you can view them when you want.

Gmail Archive Folder serves as your storehouse for emails you wish to hide or keep them out of your Gmail inbox for the meantime. You can always find archived mail by simply searching for it or by clicking the ALL MAIL label on the left side of your page.

And once you get a reply from any of your archived mail, the conversation containing the mail will automatically appear in your inbox. So you see you haven’t lost any of the messages you archived, it is right there in your app only out of sight for the mean time.

Gmail Archive Folder on Your Computer

  • On your computer go to Gmail website and log in your account
  • then go to your message inbox
  • select the message you wish to archive
  • then click the archive button from the toolbar above your message list

Gmail Archive Folder on Your Android

  • once you have Gmail app on your phone, tap to open the app
  • the default screen happens to be your message inbox, click on MENU at the top left
  • now, click on SETTINGS
  • then go to general settings, and then to Gmail default action
  • then tap ARCHIVE
  • then you can either archive messages by tapping the archive icon from inside the message
  • or from your inbox, swipe the message from the right to the left
  • If you wish to archive multiple messages, select the messages and tap on the archive icon.

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Gmail Archive Folder on Your iPhone Device

Open your Gmail app on your device; you can download it from app store if you have not

  • on your message inbox, tap the sender’s profile name
  • then tap the ARCHIVE icon
  • If you decide to go through settings, you can easily archive messages  by swiping the message to the left from your inbox
  • if you wish to archive multiple messages, tap on the multiple senders’ profiles next to the messages you want to archive

And tap the ARCHIVE icon.

Finding the Gmail Archive Folder on Gmail Account

You can easily find the mails you archived by simply searching for them, if you can’t find them click the arrow in the search box and enter the label for the mail you are looking for

If you can’t find by searching for it, you will have to look in the all mail label.

  • when you open your Gmail inbox
  • on the left side of your Gmail, go through the label list on your app
  • click MORE on your label list
  • in the new list, select All mail

How to Find Archived Mail on Gmail App

  • once you tap to open your Gmail app, you can sign in if you have not
  • then, on the default screen, click the menu icon
  • by tapping this a pop-out menu will appear
  • tap All mail
  • now, under the all mail page look for the archived mail.


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