Fb Msg App | How to Download Facebook Messenger App


How to Download Facebook Messenger App

Fb msg app is a messenger app for Facebook. The messenger app is compatible with any mobile device. The FB app is used for sending message to your friends and family across the globe. You can show and share your reaction on your friend’s status or message. Facebook Messenger app allows you to share photos and videos (you can capture a moment with friends and share it privately or publicly with your Facebook friends. You can chat and share contents on FB groups that you are added in.

Facebook Msg app also permits you to make video and audio calls for free; you can share voice notes with your friends around the globe and also share your location with friends and families. You can send money on with the FB app with ease. Compete and challenge your friends to play FB games with you. The FB msg app is app everyone should try, I literally can’t cope for a day with using my Facebook Messenger App.

How to Get the Fb Msg App

If you have the Facebook app on your device, then, you need the Facebook Messenger app too because it is the best app you can ever think of using. You can get the FB app on your device play store for free. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch your device play store.
  • Use the search box to search for the fb
  • On the list displayed, click on the first result on the search result page.
  • Hit on the “Install or Download” button on the fbapp page.

Wait for the Facebook Messenger App to be installed to your device. After downloading the app on your device, launch the FB msg app.

Signing in to Facebook Messenger App

After downloading the Facebook msg app, the next thing is to sign in to your msg app. Signing in to the FB msg app is quite easy, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch the FaceBook msg app on your device.
  • If you already have a FB account, the FB app will automatically collect the information on your Facebook to sign you in or you can sign in manually if your Facebook account is not on your device.
  • You can sign in to FB app by using your mobile number.

After completing the necessary information on the text boxes provided, you will be directed to your fb msg account.


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