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Control Who Can See What’s on my Facebook Timeline

Most Facebook account users are finding it quite difficult to use the Facebook Timeline platform. Many people feel so embarrassed to say their minds, for fear of being laughed at. Some don’t know the differences between Facebook profile, their Facebook timeline, and their news feed. Many people confuse their news feed with their timeline. The news feed is all about your friends and pages you are following, while your timeline is about YOU. In the article, I’m going to be telling you about everything you need to know about the timeline, and how you can even change the Audience of a post on your Timeline. Let’s start by knowing what a Facebook timeline is.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is a page on your Facebook account where you can share your photos, links and other experiences on the Facebook platform. You can add a cover photo, view your Facebook activities, and edit your Facebook personal information. You can also update your status and add a life event on your Facebook timeline.

Facebook App – How to Download Facebook App

Facebook is free on the app store of any device you are using. Locate and open the app store on your device and follow the steps below to download or install the Facebook app;

  • Make use of the search box to find the Facebook application.
  • From the result displayed, tap on the first one.
  • The information page would be loaded and then you can tap on “Install” to get the app.

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The application would be downloaded immediately into your device immediately. You can launch the app from the same to sign in or sign up for an account.

Facebook Sign Up – How to Sign up for a Facebook Account

To be able to edit your Facebook timeline to the way you want it to be, you must have a Facebook account. Signing up for a Facebook account is very easy and free. Follow the simple guidelines below:

  • Launch the Facebook app or head to facebook.com on your device.
  • On the Facebook displayed page, hit on the “Sign up” button.
  • Fill in your surname and last name.
  • Type in your email address or active number to create
  • Select your date of birth.
  • And the indicate your gender.
  • Then hit on “Sign up”.

Facebook would send you a confirmation code or mail. Verify the account using either the link or code.

Facebook Sign in – How to Sign In

If you already have an account, all you need to do is to sign in to the account. Below are the simple steps to use in signing in:

  • Open the Facebook app or go to facebook.com on your device. Then hit on login.
  • Type in your email address or the mobile number and password.
  • Hit on “Sign in”.

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If the details are correct, your Facebook account page will be loaded on your device.

How to Control Who Can See What’s on my Facebook Timeline

You can set and control the audience that sees the posts on your Facebook timeline. Here is an overview of who can see your timeline:

  • If you wish to edit the places you have lived or relationships on your Facebook timeline, hit on the “About” option below your cover photo.
  • Type in the information you want to change and click on “Edit”. You can make use of the Audience selector option there to select who can see the new information.
  • On your Facebook timeline, you and your Facebook friends are the only people that can post on your Timeline. You can use your audience selector to choose who can see your posts.
  • When others post on your timeline, you can set who can see the post by hitting on “who can see what others post on my timeline”.
  • You can also accept or decline posts that you are tagged in before adding it to your Facebook timeline. By turning on your “Timeline review”.
  • To see how your Facebook profile looks to other people, use the “Views As” tool.

How to see Posts you’re tagged in before they appear on Your Facebook Timeline

When you’re tagged in a post, it automatically appears on your timeline. Your timeline reviews let you accept or ignore the posts you’re tagged in. Follow the steps below to turn on your Facebook timeline review:

  • Hit on the drop-down arrow at the top of the Facebook platform and click “Settings”.
  • On the dropdown list hit on the “Timeline and tagging” option.
  • Find the setting “Review posts you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline” and hit on “Edit”.
  • Then select the “Enabled or disabled” tab.

How to change the Audience of a post you’ve shared on your Timeline

To be able to change Audience of a post on your Timeline, simply Follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Facebook page. Go to your Facebook timeline and click on the post you wish to edit.
  • Hit on the Audience selector on the post. Choose the audience you want e.g. Public, Friends, Only me and click on Save.


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