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Facebook Storefront | Stuff for Sale

Facebook storefront: Just like all other e-commerce websites and apps helps you to sell your products online, but in this case, you get create and build your own personal store.

What Is Facebook Storefront?

Facebook Store front is a Facebook business page button application where potential customers can purchase products directly on their “Facebook Store”. Here potential customers can browse, share and purchase seller’s products without having to leave their Facebook windows for free.

You might be wondering why Facebook should be used to sell your products online instead of other ecommerce sites and apps. Well, firstly, Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and it is also one of the most populated, with almost a billion active users. So if you are a Facebook user who sells online, this store is one of the best options for you to expand your customer base and promote your products. Facebook storefront helps you sell your products to large and larger customer base.

With Facebook storefront, you can build your online store and sell within Facebook or you can build your online store with an external ecommerce website builder and link your store to the storefront.

Benefits of Facebook Storefront

  • Offers a wider reach to more consumers and sell more products by quickly and easily uploading your inventory to Facebook using the Facebook Storefront app.
  • It is a cheap way of give your business huge exposure because of Facebook’s large user audience.
  • It can help you drive new sales
  • On this portal, you can engage potential customers with products directly.
  • New deals and promotions
  • Get rewarding brand advocates
  • You can build brand awareness and recognition.

How Do I Setup a Facebook Store front?

You can use two ways to set up Facebook Store front. You can either do it directly on Facebook or use a third party ecommerce application. Here, we bring you steps on how to set up Facebook store either on Facebook or through third party.

Add Products to Your Facebook Store

If you own a Facebook storefront, it should never be empty without products; you can add products to your Facebook store with the following steps.

  1. Activate your device internet connection
  2. Open Facebook
  3. Open your Facebook store page
  4. Click on add products
  5. Click the name of the product
  6. Go to the product details page, under product availability section, click on manage
  7. Select save

When adding photos for your products, try to crop them square, if you don’t crop them square, Facebook will you help you to do so and the essential part might be cropped away.

How to Set Up a Facebook Storefront

For any Facebook user to start using the Facebook storefront to sell his products, that user must first set up a Facebook store. Follow these steps to learn how to set up a Facebook store

  1. Click the add shop link, a brief prompt will be displayed explaining what the shop section is about
  2. Click on add shop section to proceed
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions of use to proceed further
  4. Add your business detail
  5. Add a payment method and payment processing detail
  6. Briefly describe your products
  7. Click on add product to continue
  8. Manage orders

You can configure your product page on completion of the above steps, you can configure product page by adding photos of the product and a price and a name of the product too.



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