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Facebook Store front free helps you browse, share and sell products for free on Facebook. What Is Facebook Store front Free? Facebook Store front free is a Facebook business page button application where potential customers can purchase products directly on their “Facebook Store”. Here potential customers can browse, share and purchase seller’s products without having to leave their Facebook windows for free.

Benefits of Facebook Store front Free

  • Offers a wider reach to more consumers and sell more products by quickly and easily uploading your inventory to Facebook using the Facebook Storefront app.
  • It is a cheap way of give your business huge exposure because of Facebook’s large user audience.
  • It can help you drive new sales
  • On this portal, you can engage potential customers with products directly.
  • New deals and promotions
  • Get rewarding brand advocates
  • You can build brand awareness and recognition.

How Do I Setup a Facebook Store front?

You can use two ways to set up Facebook Store front. You can either do it directly on Facebook or use a third party ecommerce application. Here, we bring you steps on how to set up Facebook store either on Facebook or through third party.

Facebook Store front free Business Page Setup

If have a Business Page already set up on Facebook with all of the business details, and photos filled out, the next thing you have to do is to check if the “Shop” is available for your type of business page. Once you see the store option, go ahead and use the following steps to create a store.

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Add Shop Section

Tap on the “Add Shop Section” link to get started.

Review the Terms & Conditions

The next thing you have to do is to review the Merchant Terms & Policies and check the box beside “I Agree to the merchant terms and policies.

Enter Your Business Details

Here, you are required to add your business details. This is adding your address, email, phone numbers as well as other business details that are needed. Add precise and unique details about your business to make it enticing to customers.

Connect Stripe – Facebook Store Front Free

This is where you are to connect a stripe account if you have one.

Add Products

Tap the “Shop” section, and thereafter “Add Product” fill out the details you need like images, descriptions as well as other important details.


  • Make your description detailed but brief.
  • Upload at least one high-quality image per product. This should be an image of the product itself with a resolution of 1024 pixels.

It is best to divide your products into categories if you have lots of them. This will help customers easily access your products and get what they want. To do this, tap on the “Shop” section, and under the little gear icon, choose “Collections”. Add a new collection, name it for the product category and thereafter choose which products you want to add in. All complete!!! You can now manage your account on the go.

Via Third-Party App

To Setup a store via a third-party app

Add Facebook as a Sales Channel

Sign in to your Shopify store, and go to settings, sales channel, and tap on “Add Facebook”

Connect Your Facebook Account

Sign in to the right Facebook account, and then tap on “Get Started”. Facebook will verify your account details to get your store approved before you can enable Facebook checkout.

Enable Shop Tab – Facebook Store Front Free

Tap “Enable Facebook Shop” and choose the products you want to stay visible on your store.

Select Your Checkout

Lastly, choose the checkout you want to use, be it through Facebook or Shopify.

All that is left to be done is for you to manage your orders which you can do the same way as managing the orders within your Shopify dashboard.

Set Up Facebook Store front free Via BigCommerce

To set up via BigCommerce;

  • Enable Facebook, and go to your channel manager in the admin panel of your BigCommerce store and tap on the “Get Started” link next to Facebook.
  • Connect yourFacebook business account to BigCommerce, by logging in.
  • Thereafter, add your business details like contact email and phone number, a link to your terms of service and lastly choose the Facebook page you’re connecting to.

There, you have all you need to know about Facebook Storefront free.


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