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Facebook Privacy Features

What is the Facebook Privacy all about? Facebook is giving users more manipulate over their privacy settings via making statistics control easier and redesigning the settings menu, the employer said on Wednesday, within the wake of a scandal over a breach that uncovered the private statistics of thousands and thousands and became allegedly used by a political consultancy.

Facebook Privacy

There are virtually such a lot of settings associated with privacy on Facebook, that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where the privacy shortcuts menu comes in accessible. It directs you to the settings you’ll need most often through asking the questions you’ll ask most usually:

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can touch me?
  • How do I forestall a person from bothering me?

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To open the privacy shortcuts menu. Click the lock icon subsequent to your profile picture in the left sidebar (recall, you would have to hover over the left sidebar to expand it). Click any of those 3 alternatives to increase more privacy options. On the privacy shortcut menu, you would find settings such as;

Who Can See My Stuff On Facebook

You could adjust the privacy for each fame or post you’re making, which suggests that through the years you would possibly discover your self-asking, “wait, who can see all of this? Who can see what I posted the day before today? Last week? What about if I put up the following day?” nice, the solutions can be located right here. Facebook offers you one setting you could modify right here, named “who can see my future posts”. It’s defined this way to emphasize that something you choose here could be the default going forward, till you decide to change it once more. Click the little arrow to change this setting. You’ll see the same options you see from the share menu: public, a friend of friends, friends, only me, and custom.

Who Can Contact Me On Facebook – Facebook Privacy

A usual Facebook trouble that sends people scurrying to their privacy settings is getting a message or friend request that they don’t want to get. It might be from a spammer or just someone you don’t recognize. This segment is to help you manipulate which messages you see and who can ship your friend requests.

The first choice on this segment affords the filtering options to your messages inbox. Your inbox routinely sorts your messages to prioritize ones from buddies.

How to Stop Someone From Bothering Me on Facebook

Regrettably, once in a while a friendship isn’t really a friendship. If a person is bothering you, harassing you, bullying you, or in any way making your account revel in terrible, blocking off might be the solution to the problem. Blockading is extraordinary than unfriending a person due to the fact someone who isn’t always your friend may nonetheless land up interacting with you on Facebook.

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For example, if you have mutual buddies, you would possibly land up both commenting at the same post. Blocking a personal approach as a good deal is feasible. Neither of you may even have the slightest knowledge that the person is on Facebook. You received to see the person’s comment neither will the person see your comments, even supposing they’re at the identical person’s photo. They won’t be capable of sending you messages, add you as a friend, or view your timeline.

This is a whole lot you can do on Facebook using the Facebook privacy shortcuts, isn’t it amazing.


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