Facebook Dating App Review | Facebook as a Dating Platform


Facebook as a Dating Platform

What is the Facebook dating app review? Have you heard of anything about Facebook releasing or launching new dating app features for download by users? If you haven’t, today I am going to provide you with the latest update on the Facebook Dating App. Here we are going to discuss the update about the release of the Facebook dating app to know if the dating app is released or not. As I said, this article is all about the Facebook dating app review. Facebook dating is a feature on Facebook; lots of people really want to know about the Facebook dating app. Without wasting your time, I want us to see the reviews about what we have here.

Facebook Dating App Review

First of all, I want us to begin with the Facebook dating app. Facebook dating app, many Facebook users do not know the dating app of Facebook. You don’t have to be surprised if I say the Facebook dating app is the Facebook app itself. But lots of people do not know of it, that is why it is called a review. In this dating app review, you will learn lots of things from it. Now you know the Facebook dating app, but there is also another in-built app inside Facebook which can also be called the Facebook dating app. We will look into it, while you get to the other paragraph.

Facebook Dating Features

Facebook dating features, this is part that will interest you the most because this part of the article will explain what the Facebook dating app is to you in a very clearer view. The dating features of Facebook is responsible for dating actives, where users can go to in other to find a match or single people. And this dating app or features are not allowed in all the countries, it’s only a few countries that can make use of the Facebook dating app or service for now.

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You can find someone to match with on Facebook dating app or platform depending on your location and your interest. The Facebook dating app is located inside your main Facebook account profile page. When you enter your Facebook profile page, you will see love or heart icon at the top of your Facebook profile page. Click on it and set up your dating account inside it.

Facebook Dating App Launch

The Facebook dating feature or dating app has not yet been released to all countries, only some countries can access and make use of the Facebook dating app. According to the Facebook platform it has not yet done launching the dating app, so I believe there are chances that the Facebook Dating feature or app will soon be available in all the countries.

Download Facebook Dating App

Now the Facebook dating app is very amazing that users will like to get it for themselves by downloading or installing the facebook dating app. Well, the Facebook Dating App still refers to the main Facebook site. However, the dating feature lies inside this app. And that is why it is referred to as the dating app.  Therefore the app cannot be downloaded because it is not a standalone app. You can access it through the Facebook site or app. This feature included on the Facebook platform helps singles to get connected to each other. Millions are using this feature already, so what are you waiting for?

The Facebook Dating App Download simply refers to the download of the main Facebook app. So, if you want to get on with Facebook dating, then you have to download the Facebook app into your device. This is where you find the dating home.

So, if you have a smart mobile device, here’s how you can get the Facebook app.

  • On your smart mobile device, open your App store/Play store.
  • On your store, search for Facebook.
  • The app will be given to you on the next page. Click on the Facebook app.
  • Click on INSTALL for Android or GET for the IOS device.
  • The download process will begin. Once the download is done, open the app.

On the app, you have to create your Facebook account. Provide your details such as your name, phone number or email, password, date of birth and gender.

How to Access Facebook Dating;

  • Get on your Facebook account.
  • Access your Facebook profile.
  • At the top of your profile, click on the Heart icon. This is the dating home.
  • Set up your dating profile, provide your gender, location, interests, and Confirm.

Now, you can get into the dating home, get connected and establish relationships!

Is Facebook Dating App Available?

Now if you want to know if the Facebook dating app is available in your country, all you need to do is this. You are going to see a dating notice at the top of your Facebook newsfeed or homepage. Also, you are going to find a heart icon at the top of your Facebook profile. If these things are not seen then the Facebook dating app is not available in your country.

How the Facebook Dating App Works

In this dating home, as it is known to be, you get to meet other singles who are in search of a relationship just like you. At first, you have to create a dating profile, before you can be able to get connected to others. On the platform, you find other singles, hook up with whoever catches your interests and build up a long-lasting relationship. It is just as simple as that.

Facebook dating is a service launched on Facebook that allows you to find other singles and pursue your romance connections. Dating happens right on the dating home. For you to get started on the dating home, you will need to have a dating profile. All you just have to do is get on the Facebook app, get your Facebook account and get into the dating home.

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To get started, you will need a Facebook account first. But you should know that your dating profile is different from your main Facebook profile. It is safe and secure. Your Facebook friends will not see your dating profile. Only users of the dating home can find your profile.

In the dating home, you will have to create a dating profile before proceeding further. You should know that this dating profile is not visible to your Facebook friends. So, you are safe and secure. Your profile is visible and can be found by users of the dating home. Once you get on this home, you can get connected and hook up with other singles. This is how it works.

You see? your profile is very important for all these to work. Setting it up is quite simple.

Facebook Dating Groups

Facebook also has a dating group where users can also visit to search for singles. These groups are free to kinds of countries not like the Facebook dating app or service itself. Which means anyone from any part of the world can make use of it. To access Facebook dating groups. You have to search for them with the search bar at the top of your Facebook homepage. You can search for any dating stuff that comes to your mind and you will also see other related dating groups on the result page.

Facebook Account Sign Up

For someone to be a Facebook user, that person has to sign up with the platform before he or she can access the platform for good. So, let’s start by listing the guideline to sign up an account on Facebook. The first step is to open your device browser and then go to www.facebook.com on it or launch your Facebook app if you have the app. Then proceed to the sign-up page and fill in all the requirements and after providing all the things you need; you are now allowed to click the sign-up button.


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