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Cars to Buy or Sell or Swap on Public Group

Facebook Buy and Sell Cars: Now you can easily engage with Facebook Buy and sell cars, to buy or sell any car of your choice. On Facebook is one platform where you can easily buy any car you like at an affordable rate or sell off any car you do not want buyers who are looking to have their automobile needs met.

Facebook over the years, has transformed to become bigger automotive Marketplace than it’s competitors. For those who are interested in buying and selling cars on Facebook for a profit, a few things should be planned out.

Things to Note When Buying or Selling Cars on Facebook

These things are brands/models that you are your targeting, what’s the interest for those vehicles in your area, can the vehicles be repaired by you?

Selling or buying cars on Facebook is quite easy, and you can also engage the services of the numerous car selling groups on Facebook to further safeguard your sale or purchases.

Facebook and Sell Cars (How it Works)

Selling a car on Facebook, is as easy as using your phone to list your own vehicle for sale on Marketplace. To further make it easy for people to find your listing, you can include details like the year, make model, transmission, mileage and vehicle type. Immediately your vehicle is listed on Marketplace, buyers can message you to learn more about your car offering.

How to List a Car for Sale on Facebook

Follow these steps to list your car for sale on Facebook;

  • Click on the Facebook Marketplace icon on your phone.
  • Click the camera icon and select “Vehicle for sale”
  • Then, select photos of your vehicle to upload and click “Next”.
  • Enter the details for Year, Make, Model and Mileage, and choose Automatic or Manual transmission and click on “Next” when you are done.
  • Give a detailed description about your vehicle. Details like condition, accident history, and warranty.
  • Key in a price for your vehicle (it is advised you pick a price range depending on similar items in your area). Click “Next” when you’ve finished.
  • Select where you want to post your listing, like your profile or other buy and sell groups on Facebook.
  • Click on “Post” when you have finished.

Immediately your vehicle is listed on Marketplace, people can message you to get more information about it.

Note, that dealerships can list their inventory by working with Facebook Marketplace partners.

Looking for a fairly used car or hoping to sell one?, get on board the Facebook platform and get yourself one or sell one.


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