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Business on Facebook Groups

If you are looking for a way to sell or buy products on Facebook, then join the Facebook business groups where you find people with the same aim as yours on the group. Facebook business groups are the groups you can find on the Facebook platform which are for only business minded people.

Everybody on the group is either there to purchase or market the products, goods or services to the interested customers on the Facebook platform. Some Facebook business groups are made public while some are closed. Everyone on the group is there for a reason. Here is a list of some business groups you can join;

  • Business Groups.
  • Business Mastermind Groups.
  • South African Business Network Forum.
  • USA-Canada Business Development Group.
  • Unique Business Group.
  • Africa 1st Business Opportunity.
  • Business Women.
  • Business Opportunity.
  • First Class Business Owners.
  • South African Business Women Club

You can join any of these groups to grow your business or you can also decide to open your own Facebook business page.

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How to Download the Facebook Mobile App to Your Device

Facebook is free for download on the app store on your mobile device. Follow the instructions below:

  • Proceed to the app store on your device.
  • Use the search box for search for the Facebook app. Click on the first result on the page.
  • Then click on the green download button. Allow the permissions required by the app.

After downloading or installing the Facebook app. You will need to sign in or sign up.

Signing Up for a Facebook Account – Facebook Business Groups

To be able to enjoy this social network, you will need to have a Facebook account. After downloading or installing the app, the next step is to sign in or sign up to the Facebook platform. To sign up, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to www.facebook.com or Launch the Facebook mobile app on your device.
  • On the form, fill your first name, surname, mobile number or an email address and a password which you can remember for your Facebook account.
  • Select your date of birth. Then choose your gender.
  • Click on “Sign up”.

After which, a text or mail will be sent to you depending on the means your used; email address or mobile number. Verify your Facebook account and start exploring your Facebook platform.

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Sign in to your Facebook Account

Already have an account? Follow the instructions below to log in to your Facebook account;

  • Proceed to Facebook official website at www.facebook.com or open the Facebook mobile app on your device.
  • Fill your phone number or your email address and the password. Then click on “Log in”.

If the Facebook account login details are correct, the Facebook account will be loaded on the app.

How to Create a Facebook Group – Facebook Business Groups

Creating a Facebook group is very easy and fast. Follow the steps to create;

  • Open your Facebook page, navigate and click on “Groups”, then tap on “Create Group”.
  • Enter you’re the Group you want to use.
  • Add some friends by their names or email addresses.
  • Then select the Group privacy (closed group, public group or Secret group) and click on “Create”.

The Facebook business group will be created with ease.


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