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Facebook Business Ads Manager

Using a Facebook business ads manager enables you to concentrate, keep your account more secure, and puts everything you need in one place where you can easily access them.

Facebook ads manager is designed for Facebook pages and ad accounts management. This tool enables you;

  • Manage access to your Facebook pages and ad account
  • View who has access to your pages and ad accounts and remove or change their permissions.
  • Your Business Manager account can also be shared with agencies so that they can help you manage your ad campaigns

Facebook business ads manager enables you to concentrate on your work because when you log into a business manager, you are navigated directly to your business assets on Facebook. Hereon, your pages, ads manager, power editor and other business related assets can be accessed without your personal news feed or notifications coming on.

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With your Facebook business ads manager, everything is kept organized and secure, because joggling from one Facebook page, ad account or another account for yourself or your clients, can be overwhelming. Thus business manager enables you to quickly see all of your pages, Ad accounts, the people who have assigned roles, etc.

With Facebook business ads manager, you don’t need to be friends with people you assign roles to for your pages, Ad accounts, etc. The business manager helps you assign roles.

Note: you can have multiple ad accounts and users all added under your Business Manager account

How to use Facebook Ads Business Manager

Are you new to Business Manager, first set up your account at www.business.facebook.com. Thereafter take the following steps;

  1. In case you have no business assets, ( pages, Ad accounts, and product catalogs) when signing up for a business manager, you can create one using the “Add New” menu.

Note: when a page is created within Business Manager, a user is not taken through the standard wizard setup directly.

  1. To claim business assets you own, (pages, Ad accounts, apps, etc.), make use of the “Claim Assets” menu. These assets will then be added to your Business Manager at once since you have gained full control of them.
  2. Here, you can request access to business assets owned by others. If you are not the owner of an asset, (page, ad account or product catalog), make use of the “Request Access menu” to add them to your Business Manager. Approval of the current owner or admin is required before assets are included to your Business Manager.

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Note: this is an option you should use if you manage assets for clients or any assets you don’t own.

  1. After you have created, claimed and requested business assets, you are enabled to manage them using Business Manager. When you log into Business Manager, you will be given an overview of the analytics for each asset.

Facebook Business Ads Manager enables you to manage ad accounts, pages, create, manage your Facebook tool and the people who work on them all in one place and it’s FREE.


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