Dating App for Facebook | How to Activate Facebook Dating

Dating App for Facebook | How to Activate Facebook Dating

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Dating App for Facebook: Have you guessed if you can find a dating feature on Facebook for your profile? Well, we have an online Dating App with Facebook. So with this app, many users dream has finally come true. Facebook has finally released an app for dating to enable Facebook users to date online for free. You can make use of this app if you are a Facebook user. So I will like to tell you more about this Dating app with Facebook.

Dating App with Facebook

Online dating is like the easiest and fastest way of searching for a date in society now, and Facebook doesn’t seem to be left behind. Dating app with Facebook is the dating feature of the platform. With Facebook dating, the user dating profile is different from the personal profile. The service or feature is an opt-in service with no pop-ups on your Newsfeed. The dating app is simple and free to use. To use the dating feature, you need to be 18 years or older in the locations it has been made available.

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The Facebook dating app is not a standalone app like Facebook Messenger, but it built within the Facebook app. The dating app is known as a dating feature on the platform. It is not yet made worldwide just in some locations such as Thailand, Canada, Columbia, etc. Dating app for Facebook has really promising features such as free set up, no Ads or promotion pop-ups. Facebook dating is only available on mobile devices including iOS and Android device. Setting up a profile is simple and free. You can decide to use the service or not as it optionally. The service is pinned above your profile photo on your Timeline.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Activating or opting into service is very easy and simple. Once the Facebook is online dating feature is available in your locality, you will be able to access it. You can access it by going to your profile timeline and tap on the Heart icon at the top or go to your Menu and tap “Dating” to opt-in. The dating homepage will be displayed and you would be able to set a separate dating profile, which will be hidden from the friends you have.

Dating Profile – Who can see your Dating profile on Facebook?

The Facebook dating being an opt-in service allows only those on the dating app to see the profile users it doesn’t show your profile on your Newsfeed. Your profile is not going to be seen by your Facebook friends and also Facebook will never suggest friends or those you block as potential matches. Facebook understands the term Privacy, so the service is as private as you want it to be. From your dating privacy settings, you can choose whether or not you want friends of friends to be suggested as matches.

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On the dating feature, you can also exclude people you know from seeing your profile, block or unblock users. If users check out your dating profile, they will only be able to see the basics on the profile such as age, city, photo, and name. The rest information is kept private until you want to share them.

How to Set up Dating Profile

Creating an online dating profile on Facebook is very simple and free. The setting is the same as setting up apps like Bumble and Tinder. To start, you need to be logged into your account using the Facebook app and then follow the steps below to set up;

  • Select your Gender and then the ones of matches you want. Genders available are Women, Trans Women, Men, Trans Men, Non-Binary and/ or Two-Spirit People.
  • Then confirm the location of your location.
  • Include a short biography of yourself. Make your bio attractive and enticing.
  • The service also allows you to display up to 12 tiles. Each one either representing an answer to any dating question. From the questions, tap on the question you want on your profile, and include an interesting answer, as it helps your matches know you better.
  • Upload a Dating profile photo. The picture should be clear, bold, a personal picture and also catching.
  • Next, is to set up the match criteria you want.

The Facebook dating App profile will be set up and you can start finding and making matches.


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