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Best Electronic Wallet Applications

Credit Card Electronic Wallet: A wallet is a small, flat purse-like case that is used to contain valuable personal items ranging from cards, money, identification documents and so on. 6 out of every 10 people have a wallet with a credit card in it, especially if we possess more than one credit cards we tend to use the wallet as a way in which we can organize the credit cards.

The wallet etymology started out in the 1660s after the introduction of paper currency to the west, but with every idea that brings solutions, a problem always outwits it. Sometimes it’s frustrating to have to search through your wallet to find credit cards especially when you do have more than one, hence the perception of Electronic Wallet Applications.

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Electronic Wallet – Credit Card Wallet

A mobile device application that orderly organizes credit cards, debits cards, coupons, rewards cards, and any other valuable card related items. These Electronic wallets beat the issues of having to use handmade wallets which we know can be quite frustrating sometimes.

When shopping all you need is the application on your mobile device and payment should be very easy. I will take you through some of the best Electronic Wallet Application below, some from Commercial Banks, Software developers, credit or debit card companies and so on.

Electronic Wallet Applications – Credit Card Wallet

Here are just a few of the common credit card wallet you can make use of

    • Google Wallet – Well, it makes sense that Google does have an electronic wallet and also makes sense that it’s one of the most simple and best. It works well for any Google user and can deposit money directly to bank accounts.
    • Due – My personal remedy when it comes to an electronic wallet, if you are business personnel and looking for an electronic wallet application, this is the right one. One of their many business features is the fact that they offer online invoice and cost splitting.

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  • Mozido – A pure electronic wallet, allows people to run through everyday financial activities without a bank account just using their Mobile devices and Mozido.
  • SnapCash – Snapchat own debit card electronic wallet allows users to link their debit cards to it for payments.
  • Facebook Messenger – I wouldn’t call it a wallet yet, because it works within the Facebook community to send and receive payments
  • Apple Pay – Well, if you are a regular when it comes to electronic wallet, you should know this one. One of the few electronic cards wallet that accepts AMEX cards.
  • Android Pay  (the equivalent of Apple pay, although does not accept AMEX cards)
  • Coinomi Wallet – A cryptocurrency wallet application, supports coin conversion over 60 different coins.
  • Coinbase – Also a cryptocurrency wallet that allows user convert local currency into bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
  • Card and Bank Wallets i.e American Express Pass, RBC, Visa, AMEX, Wells Fargo, Mastercard Masterpass and so on
  • Paycloud – A gift card kind of wallet designed for small business entrepreneurs in which users can keep customers attracted to their business by offering gift cards of minute amounts.

There are so many Credit card Electronic Wallet Applications, download anyone today (one that has been verified i.e download from your mobile device application store) and start experiencing the super easy, fast and reliable financial freedom.


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