Create New Year Cards Online | New Year Cards 2020


New Year Cards 2020

Create New Year Cards Online: You can create New Year cards online in minutes. It is a simple design process that enables you to use a powerful design suite as a card maker with endless customization options.

There are some online sites that offer potential design combinations that you can use to create your new year cards online. They offer you the option of experimenting with different color combinations, images, text, sizes, and themes.


You resize or reposition your text, or play around with various photo filters to perfect your design as you want it. These are some of the options you can get on most of these sites online.

Iconic Imagery – Create New Year Cards Online

Make your pick from thousands of photos on the web or pick from your personal collections.

Professional Themes

There are wide varieties of best-in-class layouts, colors, as well as fonts. You can easily tweak them with the text, photos, as well as icons that best fits your needs.

Beautiful Typography – Create New Year Cards Online

Select from a wide range of free professionally designed fonts for every occasion.

How to Create The Cards Online

You do not really need any programming or design skills to create the perfect new year greeting card all you need is your imagination. Let’s see how it is done;

  • Select a Size: There are options of sizes to choose from, they range from “standard” options, “poster”, “portrait” or square options for optimum results.
  • Choose a Captivating Theme: Select from the array of themes to start up your design. You don’t need to fret if your card is not exactly the way you want it, you can relax and make detailed changes later.
  • Fuse it with Personality: Give your card a personality by tapping the “background” link to upload your own photo or choose one from Creative Commons through the “search” function. You also have the option of selecting a color as the background of your card. Tap the “palette” link at the top of the design page for a collection of color combinations. Thereafter, tap each one to see how they look on your card.
  • Write a Personal Message with Customized Text: This where you have to pen down a heartfelt message with real meaning. This you can do by typing your text using the “edit” option, and make changes to its shape, color, font, spacing, alignment, and capacity.

Download your Card or Share it Instantly

After your card has been created and you are happy with the outcome, you can either download it for printing or share it through Facebook, Twitter or email.

There, you have your fun New Year Cards to use in spreading good tidings.


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