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Payoneer Alternatives

Companies like Payoneer are just numerous. This is more like a list of Payoneer alternatives. Before diving in into these alternatives let’s take a glance at what Payoneer is and what it does. With the Payoneer company focus on business transactions, it is incomparably one of the most distinctive companies among others. The payoneer company do not just offer foreign payment services, the also offer business services. Every of the companies that deal on foreign transactions are set up in a very different way. Having said all these, we should talk about the top payoneer alternatives. The very first on the list is transfer wise. Here is a list of some of the payoneer alternatives before we talk about them in details.

  • Transfer wise.
  • PayPal.
  • Skrill.
  • Neteller.
  • Payza.
  • World first.
  • Entropay.

Let us get started with details beginning from transfer wise.


Transfer Wise

The official transfer wise company was founded in the year 2011. This company isn’t just based on business transactions, they are very much interested in anyone who wants to send money across the globe and avoid a huge amount of bank fee payments. The transfer wise uses a simple system of some local bank accounts around the country. This process does not rely on the cost and slow international bank transfer process. You can just make a deposit at a local account in one country and the funds would be received a local account in another country. This process does not get any intermediary bank involved.

Transfer wise does not make any profit from the transfer rate because they use a mid-market rate. The only charge that the transfer wise charges is the upfront fee depending on the amount you wish to transfer. This service is available to both business users and individuals. Like the Payoneer company, the transfer wise company also offers virtual details for different companies. These currencies includes US and Australian dollars.

Paypal – Companies Like Payoneer

PayPal is also one of the mist common finance companies that deal on foreign and local transactions. The PayPal Company is different from others because it offers two different ways for business to make international payments. PayPal business offerings vary from country to country. The cost for making transactions with a business account is far different from a personal account. The account is totally free to open, but it does not mean that there are no charges when it comes to sending and conversion of funds.


Another one of these companies that deals on financial transactions is the ‘skill’. This company was first known as Moneybookers. This company works very much like PayPal. All you need to own an account with them and start transferring fund is a Gmail account.


Neteller – Companies Like Payoneer

This is a company that offers similar products as well as payments processing. This company handles international transactions very well. With just a virtual Neteller account, you can send funds to anyone with an email account. The fees of this company vary with the methods you use in uploading funds into your virtual account.


Payza is another one of such companies that is involved with e-commerce. This company offers services like online invoicing, mass payroll payments and so much more. Payza also charges fee for adding, receiving and withdrawing of funds from you online wallet. This company is very much like others I talked about before now.

World First – Companies Like Payoneer

This is another one of the online transaction companies based in London. This company has a focus on higher value transfers. It may also surprise you to know that the minimum amount you can pay through World first is one thousand US dollars. World first do not charge fees for personal transfers.


The Entropay Company specializes on a feature called virtual visa cards. This is the process they use in transferring funds from one country to another. This company allows you to make all manners of online payments without restrictions.


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