Bluetooth speakers that will rock your world

family sitting around table with speaker
Impeccable portable speaker choices.Amazon

The fantasy of Bluetooth speakers goes something like this: You stroll into a quiet back yard party, just your phone and small speaker in your pocket. You swagger up to a table, push aside the onion dip, put your speaker down like it’s a turntable, and with a push of a button the sleepy party becomes a sweaty disco with flashing lights—all with just a click of a button. The reality is you put your speaker down and most people don’t hear it over the sound of light chatter. If they do, they’re annoyed that that plastic box is making such distorted, ear-piercing noise, and you are quickly asked to leave. We can help you make fantasy a little bit closer to reality with these Bluetooth speakers that actually sound good—or at least make your morning routine a little more tolerable.

Bose Micro SoundLink Micro
You can pair two together. Amazon

The SoundLink Micro is a lot of what you expect from a Bose product: bold sound quality that doesn’t get tinny and distorted at high volume or with high gain and a little you might not associate with them: waterproof, portable, and rugged design. This speaker is perfect to take camping, to the pool party, or to play some tunes for friends. It comes with a voice assistant that makes taking calls a snap. One charge will get you 6 hours of playtime. This won’t rock a full party, but it might make your small gathering feel like one.

Ultimate Ears HYBERBOOM
A whopping 24-hour battery.

If it’s time to live out your party-starting fantasy this Ultimate Ears speaker will do the trick. Pristine sound quality, “EXTREME BASS,” and a range of 150 ft will make sure your party kicks off right. Make the party a bit more interactive by inviting up to 4 people to share their playlists through the Bluetooth-connected device of their choice. Since it weighs 16.6 pounds, you aren’t likely to take this everywhere you go, but it should be safe wherever you do take it, thanks to spill- and splash-proofing. Twenty-four hours of battery life and a USB output that allows you to charge your phone make for a pretty convenient sound hub.

JBL Boombox
Deep sea bass.

If the Ultimate Ears are a bit more than you’re looking for, the JBL Boombox strikes a balance between portability and big sound. Take this bad boy’s monstrous stereo sound and hard-hitting bass into the pool or lake without a worry, thanks to its serious waterproofing, and you can watch it actually make waves. Two built-in USB chargers will keep your phone going, and 24 hours of battery life mean you won’t have to get out of the pool to recharge.

Bose Portable Home Speaker
Home and away.

At home, this Bose speaker connects with your WIFI to pair with Alexa or Google Assistant to use integrated music apps like Spotify and Amazon Music. Away from a WIFI connection, you can connect it to your phone to use as a basic portable Bluetooth speaker. That is to say nothing of the robust sound you expect from a Bose device. If you’re looking for a speaker that will become part of your daily routine, this is probably it.


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